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    Hi there,

    I posted a thread a couple of months ago about 2 scottish lassies planning an American road trip......we have now booked our flights! We are less ambitious in our plans now and are planning on flying into San Fran for 4 weeks, we want to do the loop and see all the usual sites but i have a couple of specific questions:

    1. We are planning on renting a car from the 7th to the 30th of September. I have done some home work and the cheapest deal i can find is with dollar, but dollar UK! Would it be better to wait until we are in the states to hire a car, or should we just book it from the UK, there is a pretty big price difference but i don't know if there are any barriers.

    2. We are planning on staying in San Francisco for a couple of days at the start and the end of our trip, can anyone suggest the best hostel to stay in? We are in our mid 20's and would be up for some fun and games! Also, any worthwhile day trips outside the city, wine tasting for example?

    3. PCH....go north or south!? Still haven't decided our route but we were thinking it would be better to go south?

    4. Accomodation in Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Seems pretty difficult to get anywhere to stay in the Grand Canyon....any suggestions? Also we were thinking of staying at the Yosemite bug...anyone had any experience?

    Phew.....think thats it!!

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    I think I would just book your rental car. Its not uncommon for car companies to offer better deals to foreign tourists, and I'd say waiting until you arrive would almost certainly mean you'd pay a higher price.

    As far as the PCH goes, its spectacular any way you go, but south does have the advantage that it is the side closer to the ocean and you don't have to cross traffic to stop at the scenic pullouts.

    I don't have much to offer about SF Hostels or Yosemite Bug, however, if you are having trouble finding a place at the Grand Canyon, there are a wide variety of motels, often for a fraction of the price of staying at the rim, in Williams, AZ, about an hour drive from the Canyon.

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