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    So school is finally out. Me and my best friends thought of the wonderful idea of a roadtrip. My friend is gonna do modifications to his car that will allow him to get like 60 mpg, which will be super sweet for this.

    The only problem is we all are 17.

    So this throws out hotels and campgrounds as possibilities for sleeping.

    Pretty much everyplace I can think of to park a car for a nights stay is

    A- Patrolled
    B- Very unsafe
    C- Illegal....

    Do any of you have any ideas, because I would very much like this to happen.


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    I used to travel from Texas to Georgia and back with my daughter and we slept in the car. I choose a truck stop or a 24 hours convenience store. If it is a truck stop I just park so others can see me. If it is a convenience store I park on the side and go in and tell the clerk Im just going to nap a bit. You can also shower at truck stops. You might want to take something to shield your eyes from the light - plan ahead.

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    I really don't think camping would be a problem for you. There might be a few places, especially private campgrounds, that might be concerned about your age, but age hasn't been an issue -or even something thats been asked- at the vast majority of the places I've camped.

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    Hmm.. I've also never been asked or requested for age at a campground. Now, I don't stay at many private campgrounds, but the forest services and national park ones are pretty much show up, pay and you're fine. Even with a reservation, they don't ask for ID -- just bring a confirmation slip.

    You ought to be cool at campgrounds.

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    Oh, okay, I was pretty sure camping at a lot of places had an age min too, but this is great news. Thanks everybody.

    Because Id rather not stay at a truck stop, I just don't feel quite comfortably with that.

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    Whats the variation monetarily, usually on national park campgrounds, etc?


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    National Parks tend to be a bit on the higher side, with $25 not being too uncommon. BLM, National Forest or Monument camping tends to be quite a bit cheaper, ususally closer to $10-15, with free dispersed camping (pack in/out, no services) sometimes available. State and County parks are also good places to camp usually for $20 or less.

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