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    To Aussies travelling from Dallas to Chicago in Late July.

    What route should we take?

    We have about 10 days and are thinking via memphis or via oklahoma?

    We are interested in seeing the sites as well as hitting any good night spots.

    Anu suggestions?

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    Default Rivers

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I don't think I can offer any greater advice than to first head east to the Mississippi River and then follow the Great River Road north as far as you can before turning (north)east to cross Illinois into Chicago. There is lots along the various roads that make up this scenic byway, charm, history, great music and night spots, particularly Memphis and St. Louis, but I might try to hit the river as far south as Vicksburg, stay with it at least to Hannibal, MO, and then follow the Illinois River towards Chicago.


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    Default Sounds Like a 66 Thing to Me

    I'd recommend picking up the Mother Road, Route 66, around Oklahoma City, and taking it the rest of the way to Chicago.

    Downtown Springfield has lots of nightlife and I suggest the Alamo, Sammy's, and Marley's. Just watch out for the one way streets downtown. Then, there's the whole Lincoln thing.

    Have a Cozy Dog and stay at the Route 66 Hotel south of town and walk across the street to the Curve Inn, a real 66 Roadhouse dating to the 30s.

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