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    Hi - I am new to this forum and this is my first post, so go easy on me if the answer to my question is somewhere here already :-)

    My husband and I are from NZ and are applying for a multi visit visa as we really want to spend a year RVing in America (maybe Canada and Mexico later....).

    To apply for our visa we have to show a 1 year route planner. Given our short timeframes I haven't time to work it out. Is there anyone who already has this? We don't want to go around in a mad rush, and obviously want to focus on the states with nice scenery, weather, interesting things to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't have any real advice. I have never done this myself. But if you are going to be here for a whole year, then I may have something helpful.

    My Aunt and Uncle are retired and live in an RV. They don't even have a house anymore.

    They are members of an organization called called Escapees. It is a network of RV people. You may find it helpful. I know that they have a mail service and group get togethers, etc. I think there are special campgrounds where you may get special rates.

    I'm sure you can also get lots of advice on routes, etc. Especially since most of these people live in their RV.

    It might be worth checking out. I dont know the website but you can search for Escapees.

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    I also just bought this great book called Road Trip USA by Jaimie Jenson. It has tons of preplanned routes in it so I am going to choose one of those for my Visa. It certainly saved me a lot of work!

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    You may want to plan your summer months in the Northern USA, winter months in the South West / Southern USA Sunbelt.
    The Sunbelt is usually considered stretching from Calif to Florida.

    AKA "Snow Birds" is the slang term for those who spend their winters in the Sunbelt USA and South West USA.

    The Colorado River is dotted with reasonable priced campgrounds from Nevada to the Mexican Bborder, and is great any months except the extremely hot July, Aug and Sept.

    Many of the RV rental biz's have memberships already at the nicer private RV resorts, and one can find an "IN" that way too. Be sure to enquire about that at booking time.

    Google Food Network and "Diners Dives and Drive-ins" for tips on fun places to eat at reasonable prices all over the USA.

    Have fun, keep to the Right!
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  5. Default Used RV Dealerships in Los Angeles

    I arrive from NZ to LA early October and my intention is to buy an RV for extended travel in USA. I have looked up the Yellow Pages and found 74 Used RV dealerships. Can anyone recommend perhaps 6 of the biggest (and hopefully best) where I can see a good range of used RVs. Much appreciated.
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