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    Hello there ! We are planning on a road trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon and on the way places for one day . We are ready to drive 10hrs(round) but unable to plan the trip. We can start around 5am from Vegas. Please give some suggestions !

    Thanks in advance !!

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    Default not a day trip

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll find anyone here who will recommend making this trip in one day. Its just too far to go there and back and have any time left over to enjoy yourself. It requires at least 10, but more likely 12+, hours on the road in one day. If you left at 5am, and spent just 4 hours at the canyon, you still wouldn't get back to Vegas until well after dark.

    If you want to make the trip, look at staying overnight either at the Canyon or in Williams, and make the trip back to Vegas the next day.

    There are plenty of great trips that can easily be done as a daytrip from Vegas. If making the trip in one day is a priority, try one of these options instead.

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    I agree that is to long for one day. it would turn into a death march not pleasure. aside from getting to the GC, there can be traffic there and you spend a lot of time driving from spot to spot. that is a ton of time in a car. the GC takes some time to see and feel. this would be a fine trip as an overnight from LV.


  4. Default Begas - Grand Canyon

    I've made the Las Vegas - Grand canyon trip, and it really cant be done in one day. I would suggest to drive to Williams, then either take the train up to the Canyon early the next morning or take the last one up and stay at the canyon. the train beats the traffic getting to the Canyon. Spend the day there and take the train back in the afternoon.

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    Thankyou all for the inputs. It seems intelligent to make the trip for 2 days rather than one day.

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    I am coming from Houston.. stoping in Alb. NM and was planning on driving all the wat to las Vegas with a stop at the Grand Canyon. Is that possible? You have all made me wonder.

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    Default Even worse

    Albq to Las Vegas in one day is already pushing 600 miles, a very full day on the road all by itself. The detour to the Grand Canyon adds another 100 miles to that, so no, I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

    Before you stopped to look at the Canyon, you'd be looking at 13 hours on the road. Even if you just wanted to spend just 1 hour looking around the rim from the village, by the time you factor in time to pay your admission fee at the gate, find a place to park, and walk to the rim, I think you'd be looking at a 15-16 hour day. That wouldn't even be worth the effort, imho.

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