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  1. Default Driving from Minnesota to Seattle in one week

    We are planning a road trip this summer, we will be leaving the Twin Cities and going west to Seattle. We plan to take 5-6 days to reach Seattle. Would like to visit some national park on the way. Need suggestions.


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    Default Lots of options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've certainly got a lot of options with this trip. Teddy Roosevelt NP is right along I-94 in North Dakota, Glacier NP would be a short Detour in Montana. Or you could stay a little farther south and visit any of Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Jewel and Wind Caves are all in South Dakota, and Yellowstone/Tetons wouldn't be far out of the way in Wyoming.

    Of course, you couldn't fit all of them into a 5-6 day trip, but you've got plenty of choices.

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    With 5-6 days time, what is realistic, how much can we see along the way? How much time does each point of interest should I planned for. PLease advise. Thanks

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    Default Relax

    You're looking at a trip of somewhere between 1,750 and 2,000 miles depending on what you decide for your exact route and side trips. Over 5 days, that would still leave 3-4 hours (or so) out-of-car time each day to explore the parks and other venues you choose. Over 6 days you would be close to a 50/50 split on time spent driving and time spent on activities, with meals and other necessary stops included. So either way, this could be a very relaxing trip.


  5. Default my itinerary

    After looking into different places along the way to Washington. This is my itinerary:
    1st day: Depart from Minnesota to corn palace, stop for lunch and go on to Wall Drug.
    2nd day: Leave Wall Drug to Bear Country, Mount Rushmore then Devil's Tower.
    3rd day: Grand Teton
    4th day: Yellow Stone
    5th-6th day: Seattle, Washington

    Do you think it's workable? any advice is welcome.

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    Default Well, it's a whistle-stop tour

    Which isn't a bad thing as long as you're aware that you won't really have much time to explore the places you're driving through. You're really not going to have time to do much more than drive past/through these places at this speed. It's about 1.5 days to Seattle (or one very, very long day) from Yellowstone.

    I think it's too rushed to be enjoyable, myself. And I'm one that enjoys a whistle-stop tour sometimes.

    I think if you just stuck to the quickest route (I-94/I-90), you would be pleasantly surprised by all the fun things you will find along the road (or near it) to see and do. You'll be driving through some amazing country with a lot of variety.

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    So if I with the quickest route (I-94/I-90) as you suggested. What are some of the interesting sight I will see and run into along the way? Can you show me some examples? Please advice.

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    Default Just the country-side itself is fascinating and variable

    I love driving along the road and just seeing the changing scenery.

    I don't know much about Minnesota and North Dakota so I can't help you with good specifics there. In western ND, there is Theodore Roosevelt NP. Montana: Makoshika SP, Pompey's Pillar, Greycliff Prairie Dog Town, Big Timber hot springs, great dinosaur museum in Bozeman MT (the dinosaur expert in Jurassic Park was modeled on the work and findings of Jack Horner from the university located in Bozeman), Lewis & Clark Caverns, Pipestone hot springs, Copper King Mansion in Butte, just the coulees you'll be driving through in part of Washington are amazing, Gingko Petrified Forest NP, and many more things that you'll see signs for along the road.

    I'm heading out soon for my own roadtrip this weekend so I apologize for not having time to give you a more detailed response.

    But part of the fun of a roadtrip is doing your own planning. If you use the search tool here, using search terms like the names of the states, the names of the interstate, etc., you will find a wealth of information.

    And I'm sure others will pop in with more information, too. Happy planning and enjoy the trip!

    With such a tight time-frame, you won't have time to explore all of these, and part of the fun is also happening upon serendipitous finds along the way. Just watch for signs, ask around when you get gas or a meal about interesting things to see, and enjoy the adventure.
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    Thanks, i'll search a little more. You have been very helpful. Hope you have nice roadtrip this weekend.


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