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  1. Default thanks

    I didn't even know there were coupons books - I feel like I have so much to learn. You guys are great and I really appreciate all your help!

  2. Default Going Solo Too

    Hi SG

    I just started my trip with my dog from Hershey, PA, and my last destination is Denver, Co. I plan on arriving in Denver June 23.

    Anyway, i'm guessing your trip doesn't start until June 21. If so, here's what I suggest: I found hotel coupons at I'm not sure if they will have coupons for the places you will be staying, but I believe that if you look online for coupons (other than Travel Buddy) in the areas you will be stopping, there might be some. I also found that some hotels have guidebooks with coupons for hotels around the area.

    Anyway, what I did was plan ahead. The way I determined my destinations was from the discounted stays, but I also had a back-up in case one of the hotels is crappier than the other. I got a room for half off and it was a nice room too.

    I hope this helps.


  3. Default

    Thanks, it does help! I went online this morning and found some coupons that might work. I hope your trip is a blast!

  4. Default Ely Nv to the Tetons: help!


    I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on which route to take in terms of ease, scenery, safety, and an enjoyable drive from Ely NV to the Tetons. I have 2 days to make the trip so any suggestions of where to stop the first night or places to visit would be great also.

    1. From Ely, up Hwy 93 to Twin Falls and across?

    2. Across Hwy 6/50 to I15, up through Salt Lake City and then which way?

    3. Some other route I have not thought of?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Flip a coin

    I think both routes will be safe, scenic, and enjoyable. 6/50 is almost 100 miles farther but it does allow you to swing by Great Basin NP and Little Sahara NRA. But I think either route will have a lot of interesting scenic views so I don't think you can miss.

    An alternative you didn't mention is to take Alt-93 about 60 miles north of Ely to merge with I-80 East to SLC, then onto the Tetons.

    Anyway, they should all be fine...really! Sometimes I flip coins myself because it's hard to choose.

  6. Default Home again!

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to post a quick thank you for all the help in planning my trip.

    I ended up spending 18 days in CO, UT, AZ, NV, CA, ID, MO, WY, visited 10 National Parks, drove 3989 miles, and had the time of my life. I realize it isn't the trip for everyone (I happen to love just driving and seeing the country) but it was amazing. Going solo was great. I felt so relaxed and peaceful the whole trip - thanks for all the encouragement!!
    I would love to add pictures if someone could tell me how! (I am not the best at computer stuff!)

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    Default Wonderful News

    Quote Originally Posted by sologirl View Post
    I would love to add pictures if someone could tell me how! (I am not the best at computer stuff!)
    The easiest way is to you the attachment feature. Look below at the "additional options" and click on "Manage Attachments" the program will prompt you to upload your images (click on browse computer"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    Where are you starting the day from? It can be a strenuous drive from the airport all the way to Grand Junction -- even on the best of circumstances, this will take about five hours -- and so, assuming the flight is on time, and it only takes 1-2 hours to get baggage and the car -- the soonest you could reach Grand Junction would be 11:30 PM. Seems a little rough for your first day.k

    Wow... what? No offense, but the drive from Denver to Grand Junction is a cakewalk. It's a mere 244 mi – about 3 hours 56 mins (at a pathetic google-calcualted 62mph). I did it a fair bit faster, IIRC.

    Come on, now.

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    Default Two dozen times

    Well, let's see I have made that drive at least 30 times in the last decade. While it's certain possible to drive it faster, allowing for traffic, weather conditions, etc. I stand by that time....


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    Default Flying, too, makes for a long day

    Regardless of the exact travel time from Denver to Grand Junction, if someone is flying that morning and needs to travel to the airport, go through check-in, board, fly, debark, get luggage/rental, and then hit the road and drive, it has become a strenuous day for most of us. Because of that, I would prefer to not add a 4-5 hour drive to my day. I would stay in a suburb of Denver myself. And get to bed ASAP to get rested up for the fun roadtrip ahead. Just my 2 bits.

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