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  1. Default yosemite to jackson wy in 2 days

    I am planning my first solo road trip out west. I would not have the courage or any idea how to begin if I had not discovered this site. I do need your advice on part of the trip.
    I am Flying to Denver, driving southwest thru Arches, Zion, Vegas etc. then driving to Palmdale Ca.(to visit family). Then leaving from Yosemite to spend a few days in the Tetons. I need to leave Yosemite in the morning on Wednesday and and be in Jackson Wy on Friday. I have reservations in Jackson so I need to be on time - I don't mind long days of driving but I am there to see the sights. I was planning on heading across NV to Ely and then up to Twin Falls and across but I am open to any ideas. Thanks

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    Default Counting the Days and Alternatives

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    By my reckoning, Wednesday morning to Friday evening is closer to three days than two, but in any event your proposed route is the most direct, and at under 900 miles can be easily driven in two full days on the road. If your reservations really don't require that you be in Jackson before evening and you can tear yourself away from Yosemite on Wednesday morning, then there are two worthwhile detours that you might want to look at making on the way. The first would be (and this is especially true if Tioga Pass is not yet open) up to Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. The second would have you make the turn north into Idaho a bit earlier, using NV-225/ID-51/ID-78 up from Elko to join I-84 at Hammett. The point of the second detour is to see Bruneau Canyon and Bruneau Sand Dunes near the Idaho town of the same name. I will offer this one word of warning. The road into the canyon is dirt and goes through an Air Force bombing range, (thus the signs warning you of "objects" falling from planes), but it is perfectly safe and easily driven in a family sedan.


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    Dear AZBuck

    Thanks for the advice. I love having the options you suggested since I feel like I am already over planning to compensate for being a bit nervous. I really want to relax and see all I can. With gas prices, I am sure this is a one time trip and I want to make it the best!

  4. Default solo trip out west

    Hi! I posted a question earlier (Mark thanks for the help) about the best way from Yosemite to the Tetons.

    I love this forum and have used the threads almost everyday planning my solo trip out west. I think I have a basic idea but wanted to run it past you all for any advice or input.
    I will be finding hotels each night wherever I happen to land so nothing is set. I don't mind driving but want to be sure I leave enough time to relax and see the sights. My main interest is to visit the national parks, do some hiking and take photographs.

    Here's the trip so far:
    June 21 - fly to Denver, (arrive 4:30) pick up rental, drive to Grand Junction
    June 22 - drive through Moab (Arches) to Cortez (Mesa Verde)
    June 23 - drive from Cortez, thru Monument Valley to Page AZ
    June 24 - drive to Brian Head, UT and meet my sister & brother-in-law,
    visit Zion
    June 25 - Zion during the day, drive to Vegas later.
    June 26 - spend the day in Vegas, drive to Palmdale CA. (sister's house)
    June 27-29 - spend time with family
    June 30 - leave early, drive to Kings Canyon.
    July 1 - Kings Canyon to Yosemite
    July 2 - Yosemite to Ely
    July 3 - Ely to American Falls
    July 4 - American Falls to Jackson, WY
    July 4-7 Have a hotel booked in Jackson, visit Teton and Yellowstone
    July 7 - drive to Denver, stay all night for early flight home.

    Truly, I am open to any and all suggestions. This is my first time (hopefully not the last) attempting a trip like this. I could go on about the solo thing and being scared to go it alone but that is a whole other post.
    Thanks in advance!!


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    Default A couple of comments

    Quote Originally Posted by sologirl View Post
    Here's the trip so far:
    June 21 - fly to Denver, (arrive 4:30) pick up rental, drive to Grand Junction
    Where are you starting the day from? It can be a strenuous drive from the airport all the way to Grand Junction -- even on the best of circumstances, this will take about five hours -- and so, assuming the flight is on time, and it only takes 1-2 hours to get baggage and the car -- the soonest you could reach Grand Junction would be 11:30 PM. Seems a little rough for your first day.

    And I think the other days, may be pushing more hours per day behind the wheel than is advisable. Doable -- but fatigue is going to be a problem.
    I could go on about the solo thing and being scared to go it alone but that is a whole other post.
    That we can more easier respond to --read this post from another first-timer.


  6. Default

    Thanks Mark,

    I am leaving from Ohio - its about a 6 hour flight including a lay over.
    I was worried about the driving time but there is so much I want to see. Any ideas how to follow about the same route but with less travel time or with the times spread out more. Or is there something I can give up in order to make it more doable?
    I tried to google distances and driving times but..
    The only parts that are set are the times with my sister (although I could stay one less day at their house) and the 3 days at Jackson Hole.


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    Default My cuts....

    Quote Originally Posted by sologirl View Post
    Any ideas how to follow about the same route but with less travel time
    I would stay that first night in Denver and get some rest after traveling all day. You could certainly detour to Arches, but I suggest proceeding west on I-70 .... hmmm -- it is going to be tough to see all you have lined out. But at minimums, I would cut Mesa Verde, Kings Canyon and Yosemite.


  8. Default

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am rethinking all the parts. I am fine with giving up Mesa Verde but I do have a question. If I skip Kings Canyon and Yosemite, what would I do with the days I was planning on spending there? Should I go ahead and head towards Jackson?

    I haven't been out west since I was about 9 so it will all be new to me. I want to see all I can but not to rush so much that I don't enjoy it.

    Also, since I will be staying in whatever hotel I come across most nights, does anyone have suggestions about how to get the best rate? I won't have a laptop or anything - just a cell phone.
    Thanks in advance...


  9. Default cheap last minute lodging?


    Does anyone have any idea how to get the best deal on a motel room at the last minute? I won't know where I am staying until each afternoon and don't have a laptop to make arrangements or google sites. I do have AAA and a cell.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I need to save all the $ I can for gas.

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    Default No magic bullet

    There's no single way to do find the best deal other than to shop around. The fastest way might be just to stop somewhere in town, borrow a phone book, and use your cell to call for rates. Sometimes you can do a little negotiation to save some money. I'd also take advantage of your AAA membership and get the various guidebooks, which you can also use to get a ballpark price for
    each place.

    One other tip is to use the coupon books you'll find at rest stops, truck stops, etc. Those deals are usually only good as walk-up rates, and if they have space available, but I've found some great bargains with those books.

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