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    Hey everyone,
    this is my first post, and btw great forum.

    Two riends and I (18, 17, 17)are planning a cross-country road trip in my 1997 Honda Odyssey. Has plenty of space(can even fit a small matress in back) and had been pretty reliable over the past 11 years. Has made the washington - cape cod trip about 7 times and has 139K miles on it.
    the route we're going to take is mostly the old route 66 from st louis to flagstff, then 17 to phoenix, then 10 to the san diego area. of course taking mostly back roads and scenic routes, thats just the general direction. We are plannig on stopping at places like the grand conyon, las vegas, monument valley and others.

    do you think its possible with a small budget ($3000)
    We are all ready to sleep in the car, camp, and drive all night.

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    Default Speed Run?

    Quote Originally Posted by howard cross coast View Post
    Two riends and I (18, 17, 17)are planning a cross-country road trip in my 1997 Honda Odyssey.
    You sound experienced -- but are the parents of the two 17-year olds on board with this adventure? What happens if one of them needs to visit the hospital or see a doctor on the way? How long in terms of time are your budgeting for this adventure? Here are some speed run tips and suggestions -- the good news is that three is the ideal number of drivers for a cross-country speed run, but sleeping in the car and driving all night is going to get old fast.

    $3000 sounds very tight for three people when the fuel expense likely to be at least $1300. With three thousand dollars and three people, it would seem to make sense to limit your furthest range to the continental divide or even St. Louis.


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    Thanks mark,
    The final budget is still being determined. the trip isnt for a while. All three sets of parents and fully on board with the trip and think it is an experience that we all need before we go off to college. Me, being the 18 year old, have talked to the other parents about all the "legal stuff" since i am going to be the only real adult on the trip. I also have a number of family members and friends that we plan to stay with. and being a boy scout, camping really cant get old....too quickly i hope.....
    but you are probably right. since th trip is planning on being 2-3 weeks, 3000 seems a bit weak. and thanks for the link.

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    Default You need to do more than talk to the parents

    You will want something from the parents allowing you to approve medical treatment, if the worst happens. As a Boy Scout, I'm sure you appreciate that you must "be prepared!". You should probably have notarized letters allowing you to give approval for medical treatment plus copies of all insurance cards/information.

    You will definitely want to up the savings for this trip so you have a bit more leeway and money to play with. Bucks for the Basics should give you some help to determine how much money you need. Eating out of your cooler should give you tips how to do this easily. It's a great way to save money and it doesn't have to be boring.

    I agree with you...camping never gets boring. ;)

    So, save some more if you can and have a great adventure!

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