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    I've booked hotel for first night in Redding, and second night in San Simeon so I'm repeating my question for those of you familiar with the drive/area/fall crowds.

    Counting our drive from Redding in the morning, do you think we'd be able to see both the Cannery Row and do the 17 mile scenic drive (and maybe stop for quick lunch at either) and still make it to the seal rookery before dark?

  2. Default What time do you want to start in the morning?

    Hi QuirkySue,

    From Redding to Monterey is about 5 hours drive via freeways. If you're an early riser, and don't do a lot of stops you could make it to Monterey for for lunch. That would give you at least a bit to walk around Cannery Row.

    From Monterey to San Simeon is doable in about 2 hours, not including stops. If your target is to get into San Simeon about dusk, you could possibly do the 17 mile drive, or a quick walk around Cannery Row. Figure something about...

    7 am departure
    12 noon arrive monterey -- 90 minutes to look around
    1:30 depart
    4:30 arrive Pedros Blancas Elephant Seal Colony (with an hour for different scenic stops)
    5:00 arrive San Simeon

    You're not hitting rush hour traffic through SF (I'm assuming you're not going through SF itself, but east of the bay through Concord, and skirting San Jose on the east side)

    If my experience holds, you'll see some stop & go traffic on Coast Highway between Monterey and Carmel, but its only for like 2 miles (has to do with the layout of the road there it seems) But overall, ought to be a quick trip.

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    Thank you very much - that was very helpful!

    We might leave a little later than 7am, and therefore arrive in San Simeon a little bit later, but it's nice to see it's possible to have a slightly more relaxed afternoon with stops and breaks here and there and still make it in reasonably good time. :D

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