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    Well me and my friends have finally settled on what to do this summer, unfortunately we have decided not to go on a out of state road trip. We decided we want to go to really nice beach in Florida, We already live in Miami, Fl and would like to see some new sights. The only things is we would like to take a nice long trip and well basically find one of the nicest beaches you can in Florida and stay at a hotel on the beach. So during the day we could be just beach bums but at night go partying or check out the sites. And basically my friends want to find one of those beaches you see in the Corona commercials with the white sand, clear blue water, and lots of palm trees. So please any suggestions would help.

    Thank You

    Please Remember we all live in Miami so were looking for something a lot further north and maybe on West Gulf Coast. Thank You

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    Default I like Apalachicola!

    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper05 View Post
    And basically my friends want to find one of those beaches you see in the Corona commercials with the white sand, clear blue water, and lots of palm trees.
    My first choice would be Apalachicola Bay and the Apalachicola River area. Not that many people, beautiful beaches and friendly locals.


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    Consider Pensacola Beach. You can stand in the water up to your neck and see your toes. It's very clear water and the sand is like snow.

    You can divide your time between crowded Pensy Beach central with lots of places to eat, live music and beach shopping, or drive down the island toward Navarre Beach along the Gulf Shores National Seashore. Lots of uninhabited space where you can park on the side of the road if you want a spend a peaceful day in the water.

    You can rent rooms, houses or condos. The Sound is very calm and great for jet skiing. And the water is so warm it's like being in a bathtub. It's such a laid back Corona kinda place.

  4. Default Not so sure.

    Not so sure you would enjoy Applachacola as you sound like a younger group of travelers. I think you would be bored. There is a gorgeous beach area with miles and miles of walking on St. George Island, which is where I am assuming the previous poster was referring. If shelling and sitting on the beach is enough to occupy you, then this is it. If you want more excitement, then head up to Panama City or Destin. Panama City if you're under 25 and Destin if you're older. Both have excellent beaches and fun things to do.

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