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    Default Vancouver B.C -> Oregon coast (and maybe Cal?) in one week


    I've been combing this (great) forum, gathering as much info as I can but I hope someone might have some specific advice for our trip. My fiancee and I will be heading south out of Vancouver (Canada) in early July and have 8-9 days for a return trip.

    We've spent some time in Washington before so we don't mind blasting down to the Oregon coast as fast as possible. My question is, how far south can we get along 101 without turning the drive into a marathon? I'd like to stay under 4-6 hours of driving per day. I'd like to think it's possible to get into California, but I assume that Sonoma/Napa will be a stretch...?

    We don't have anything too specific that we need to see, but have heard great things about Cannon Beach, the sand dunes, etc.. Any other suggestions? We're up for camping as well as the odd cabin/hotel/b&b.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Northwest Coast

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    It would be possible, if you have no problems clearing customs, to get down to Portland in a relatively easy day of around 5-6 hours' If you then keep to the coast, taking it as easy as you propose, You could still get into northern California in three days. You could then, again very easily with only relatively short driving days, return to Vancouver by the inland highway route in another two and a half to three days. So yes, it's quite feasible to explore the Oregon coast and get as far south as Eureka, CA (and maybe a bit farther) within your time and miles-per-day constraints. Quite some time ago, I gathered up links to some of the best discussions of this area here.


  3. Default A leisurely drive..

    It's very possible to make it into at least the Northern edge of california in 8-9 days loop from BC.

    For a rough intenerary..

    1 - Vancouver to Portland area, about 4-6 hours drive (making sure to avoid the Seattle rush hour of course).

    2 - Portland to Astoria along the Columbia Driver and start south along the coast to maybe Tillamook.

    3- Down along Oregon Coast.

    4 - Continue down Oregon Coast entering California near Crescent City. This puts you near Redwoods National Park and the several California Redwoods State Parks.

    5 - Redwoods, even more.

    6- Inland, along US 199 to hook up with I-5 at Grants Pass, and then north to Eugene

    7 - From Eugene to Vancouver on I-5 is going to be about 7 hours, so you can do it in one final day, or take a day to explore somewhere along the way

    If you want to make it to Napa/ Sonoma, its about 5-6 hours from Crescent City to Sonoma. But you'll need to take that equivalent driving time heaving back up I-5. It's possible to do that on this loop..

    4 - Crescent City

    5- Sonoma/ Napa Valley

    6- Napa Valley, and start heading back -- spend the night somewhere like Redding or Mt Shasta (about 3-4 hour up I-5 from Napa).

    7 - Redding to Portland is 6 hours, or you could stop south of there near Salem.

    8 - back to Vancouver


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