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  1. Default La Zingarata... Miami to...?

    In italian it means the "gypsy thing". Basically you get in the car, and you start driving, without planning, or knowing where you are heading. It could last one day to one month and it could be the most exciting thing you ever did.

    I would like to do a Zingarata from Miami, (FL).
    I have the whole month of June to do it.
    I also have a 95 Mercedes Diesel that was built for road trips, as it can achieve 800 miles on one tank of diesel...(of course one tank of diesel is like 90 dollars, but those are details! lol)
    Anyways, I would like to take my camping gear, (I have everything, including 2 inflatable mattresses, lantern, grill, etc. and go to some nice campgrounds...a hotel once in a while wouldn;t be bad either.

    I am 26 years old, from rome, Italy, but I have been living in Miami the past 5 years. Someone who can support himself, and maybe help with gas costs... someone fun, who doesn't smoke! :)

    I would like to meet someone fun, who wants to join my Zingarata.
    Let me know, I wasnt to leave ASAP!! of course pretty females will have complete priority ..!

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    Hey Buddy, I am not a pretty female unfortunately but I am thinking of doing a massive road trip of about a month and a half from near the end of june, I was planning to start in New York but I am sure I could get to florida to start off. Why not check out my facebook page and see if you think I would be a good travel buddy {email address removed per this policy}. and check out my post also on gas share part of this site under cheesus called new york to anywhere..
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