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  1. Default Family Road Trip - L.A. to South Dakota

    Okay, we've got 11 days. We're hoping to be able to cram in a bunch of stuff with our 3 kids. We're thinking of going from Los Angeles to Grand Canyon to Four Corners, to Durango then not sure what else. We definitely want to get up to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore. A friend mentioned Car Henge (the car version of Stone Henge) and Chimney Stone in Nebraska. We'll probably head back west through Wyoming then end up south through Utah to catch the 15 freeway back home through Nevada and toward L.A.

    Any tips or things we shouldn't miss???? Is this pushing it for 10 days?

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    Default cramming

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    Something to keep in mind when traveling with kids is that trying to cram as much stuff in as possible often means trying to do too much. That means everyone gets tired/overworked, you worry more about staying on schedule than enjoying yourself, and in the end you can say you saw all those things, but you don't necessarily remember having a good time.

    I think you're certainly on the edge of doing that right now. You're looking at 3 days each way, at least, to cover the distance, that only leaves about 4-5 days left. If you spend one day at the Grand Canyon, another day around 4 corners/durango, that only leaves about 2 days left for anything else.

    Personally, I think I'd leave off the Grand Canyon for this trip. If you are from LA, you can make the trip another time when want to make a long weekend trip. You didn't mention Yellowstone, but that would be a pretty obvious potential stop on a trip like this. If you haven't been there before, I might just focus on Yellowstone and the Black Hills, as the two major focal points of the trip.

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