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    I want to do Route 66 from Chicago to LA. Is anyone going and needs a driving partner? Please let me know. I am interested in travelling anywhere from 30 june onward.

    I am a scholar and filmmaker (41) who is interested in making this trip and recording it via a vlog.

    Please get back to me with details about your possible trip and about yourself.


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    Default share the gas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've moved your thread to the share the gas section of the forum.
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    Default Going to California.


    Hi. I'm planning on moving to Newport Beach/Huntington Beach California here soon. I am planning on leaving the first part of July. Just waiting for the taxes to get back. I am leaving by Chicago. I live in Rockton, Illinois right now. It would be very helpful to have someone along for the ride as far as gas prices are concerned! I'm interested in hearing more about what your doing with this Vlog as well. I'm game. Get ahold of me via e-mail if you are still interested.

    Jeff Althouse
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    check out my post under 'new york to wherever...' I can travel to start point pretty easily. Thanks
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