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    I'm so excited. We have just booked our tickets from London to Phoenix, arriving 14th August in the afternoon.

    BUT NOW WHAT ! - I need an itinerary up until the 25th August in the evening when we depart Phoenix back to Good Old London Town.

    There are going to be 6 of us on this trip, 2 Adults and Four Children between 5 and 11 years old.

    I've had a few thoughts on what we might do and at the moment this is my favourite. What do you all think?

    14th - Arrive in Phoenix at 17:00 and head straight up to the Grand Canyon.
    15th - We spend the day and night at the Canyon.
    16th - Leave in the morning to Las Vegas, arriving in the afternoon to spend the night there.
    17th - Leave Las Vegas in the morning for the Joshua Tree Park (route via the Mojve Desert).
    18th - Spend the day in Joshua Tree then head for San Diego.
    19th to 23th Various day trips using San Diego as our base.
    24th - Back to Phoenix to catch our 19:25 flight to London.

    Would appreciate some feedback - be as honest as you like, I can take it :-)

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    Say you exit Phoenix Airport with hire car at 6pm – just remember that it is 2am back in London. Mind over matter can work sometimes but with four young children, jet lag and prospect of a four hour car journey to GC you are asking too much – I think. Personally I would stay overnight somewhere near Phoenix so the children could have a dip in a hotel swimming pool / meal and try to go to bed not too early.

    The more you mess with jet lag the longer it takes to sort. Get to bed around 10pm and I guarantee you’ll all be up bright and early the next morning ready to go. With four young children don’t get over ambitious or things won’t run smoothly.

    Have a great trip.

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    I'm trying so hard to fight the urge to squeeze everything in, if I'm not careful no-one will have a good time.
    You're so right Eris, better to set off early in the morning and get there safely.

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    BTW, If you are reading this thread and the itinerary looks okay to you then perhaps you might like to comment on suitable routes and places to stay.

    also apologies for spelling Phoenix incorrectly.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...if you are trying to cut down on the number of things you're going to try to see, but there are lots of things to see and do in northern Arizona besides the Grand Canyon, including these and these. In and around San Diego the attractions tend to be more man-made, but worthwhile destinations include see the zoo, Balboa Park, Legoland, and Sea World. A couple of off-the-wall surprises on the drive back to Phoenix from San Diego are Desert View Tower in Jacumba and the old Territorial Prison in Yuma.


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    I’m sure you’ll be doing it Antony but research this site; lots of invaluable information, weigh things up, reflect and then plan your route / activities / overnight stays. I find making room for a degree of flexibility always helps. Your overall trip is well doable in 10 nights.

    Having four children onboard makes for a different scenario than say a couple on their own. Children, in my experience, seem to be more into fun than too much sightseeing and long days in a car. However, for each family, it is matter of trying to get the balance right for all members.

    On your way to San Diego you pass not far from Anaheim – Disneyland and all that. Just a thought!

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    Thanks AZBuck, some good tips there. I'm very taken with the petrified forest, my father used to work in the oil industry in the middle east and he would bring me home little bits of petrified wood (I know he should have left them there, I guess those were less enlightened times), I think we will have to fit that in.

    Eris, I am a little worried on the flexibility front. On the one hand I would hate to find that we have nowhere to stay because I left it too late to book. On the other hand I love the idea of not having to sticking to a schedule, for example if the kids started complaining "I'm tired of looking at this old stuff" it would be great to be able to go to a park at short notice so they can have their fix.
    Do you think I am being unduly worried about accomodation, can I book a few days ahead?

    BTW, this is a great site, so much info! Thanks to all those who share their knowledge on here. I shall make sure to write a trip report when I return.

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    To pre-book accommodation or not – would be interesting to see what others think on this subject.

    I have no one answer – depends on time of season and area I’m visiting. Obviously at peak vacation times you would book a popular National Park or hotel well ahead. You are going to the Grand Canyon at a busy time – therefore would recommend booking ahead as soon as you can to secure a place.

    If I was travelling out of peak season say in the West Coast area would have an outline plan – any key hotel booked but then book the rest as I went along. Stay an extra day or day less as maybe or just pull in somewhere. My wife likes a little more certainty than me and what usually happens I phone ahead the day before or same day. I have a cheap (pay as you go) cell phone which I use – but they can let you down as there are many remote areas where mobile reception is not possible. However, hotels have landline phones / internet which can be used. This means I have done some previous research with a selection of hotels / telephone numbers to enable phoning ahead.

    In July/August with children along I suppose I would act on the cautious side and pre- book key places.

    A good resource also can be a Tourist Office (look up numbers before hand) in the area you are visiting.

    Another point that comes to mind, on non-travel days be prepared to change plans as the picture found upon arrival somewhere is often different to that envisaged.

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