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    Default A hotel for the first night out of JFK

    I need some help, to find a hotel no more then 2 hours driver from JFK
    We are arriving around 15.00 Friday the 4th of July and the first waypoint is the Niagara Falls, but we just need a place to stay the first night, am the plan is the get a bit out of New York so we donít have to cross New York City the next morning.
    We (3 adults) are looking for a cheap place to stay, but I am having a hard time figuring out where what makes to most sense, any advice or referrals are appreciated.

    Henrik, Denmark

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    Default Two Possible Overnights

    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I've had a look at where I would try to get to if I were in your shoes, and there are a couple of options depending on exactly how you plan to get to Niagara Falls. I've tried to keep your driving down to 50-75 miles so that you can have some hope of covering the distance in the two hours you say you'd like, but still be able to get out of the New York metro area.

    If you are heading north from New York, then take I-678 from JFK across the Triborough Bridge and then use I-95 west to the George Washington Bridge. Once across the Hudson River into New Jersey, exit immediately onto the Palisades Interstate Parkway and use that and US-9W up to the Newburgh, NY area for the night. The last part of this drive is actually fairly scenic, Newburgh has many motels and you will be set up for the next day's drive on either I-84 west, NY-17 northwest, or I-87 north.

    If you are planning on leaving NYC to the west, then follow the above instructions as far as the George Washington Bridge, but then stay in the main road (I-95, the New Jersey Turnpike) for a few miles to I-80 west. Continue as far as you'd like, but at least as far as Dover, NJ if you want to be free of New York metro traffic the next morning.


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    Thanks for the advice. I think we will try to find a motel in Newburgh or maybe in Wurtsboro.
    The next problem is then whatís the best way to find a motel online. I have had a look at, but keeps acting up and only sometimes show the 'AAA show your card' discounts

    I have also had a look at but it would be nice the hear from other users before using an unknown website.


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    Default What I Do

    Bearing in mind that this is NOT a recommendation, there are two web sites that I use to check on the suitability and cost of motels in any town that I plan to stay in, Hotel-Guides and Tripadvisor. Both will give you an overview of the available accommodations, their prices and amenities, as well as user comments and ratings. Tripadvisor will also give you the results of several searches by Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, etc. But as far as actually booking goes, once I have decided on a place, I usually contact them directly, either through their chain's web site or by phone and make my reservations that way. Sometimes, but not often, I end up with a better price this way, but I always have a direct reservation, confirmation number, and no middle man.


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    Thanks again.

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