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  1. Default Northern California and Oregon coast in 1.5 days?


    I am purchasing a car down in Irvine, CA and plan to drive it up to Tacoma, WA this weekend. I normally take I-5 straight but would like to experience driving up the coast.
    My wife and I plan to fly into Orange County Saturday morning and expect to arrive in San Francisco that evening. Sunday morning, we'd like to hang out at the pier and then head north in the early afternoon.
    So my question is, would it be worthwhile to drive up 101 given the 1.5 days we have to get back? We obviously don't have time to stop in and look around but wonder if the views along the way will justify the added time.
    If we take the coast, I was thinking of stopping in for the night on Sunday at either Crescent City, Brookings or Gold Beach. Any suggestions on where to stay (preferably a hotel)?


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    I don't really think it will be possible for you to travel the entire coast in the time you've got available. The route is just too slow to travel to cover with the speed you'd need.

    SF to Crescent City itself is more than just a half day drive. At best, you'll be averaging 45 mph for this trip, which makes it a pretty solid 8 hour drive.

    I'd say a little more feasable, but still rushed, trip would be aiming for Eureka on your first night, spend the next morning driving along the coast to Crescent City, and then cut back to I-5 via US-199 for a sprint back to Washington.

  3. Default long trip for time up 101

    I'm agreeing with Midwest Michael -- I don't think you can go all the way up 101 in a day and a half along the coast.

    I'm not even so sure that its possible to it with the hook over at Crescent City to Grants Pass and then up I-5. It's probably about a half day's full drive from SF to maybe Crescent City -- with no stops. I'd be somewhat concerned about heading north in the afternoon and making it before dark to Eureka.

    It's very doable from Crescent City to Tacoma in a day -- but those are pretty full days of driving, with no sightseeing at all.

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