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    Hey all. I am planning a trip from LA to NY at the end of June. We are driving because we want to see a bunch of different places, but our main purpose is to get to NY. I was wondering how long you think it would take for 2 people to drive... meaning there will only be 2 of us able to switch off driving. I was thinking I can drive for like 19-20 hours the first day, then we can switch off like 5/6 hour shifts. Sound reasonable? Oh, i am 24 and my g/f is 22 :)

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    It is roughly five days to drive from coast to coast. Traveling 20 hours a day, you aren't likely to see anything at all. The word "shift" should give you a sense of what this would be like - it would be like work, plain and simple. Plus, five hours behind the wheel at a stretch is likely to not be fun, and age doesn't have anything to do with it.

    How much time have you allotted for this trip? Two weeks would allow you to take in the sights along the way, but if you only have a week, for a round trip, I would suggest seeking other options to get to New York.

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    we dont really need to see anything on the way, just whatever is off the highway. we are staying in NY for about 10 days to conduct some business, then coming back.

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    Even if you don't stop to see anything, the simple fact is that the human body can not stay alert enough to safely make the kinds of drives you are talking about. If you are driving 19-20 hours on your first day, I guarentee that by the time you reach hour 16 you will be putting not only yourself at risk, but you'll be endangering the safety of everyone else on the road.

    Remember, Professional drivers have limitations on how far they can drive in a day, and what you are proposing would be far and away more than what professionals are allowed to do.

    If you really want to do a coast to coast, shift sleeping, speed run, then you need at least 3 people, so one person can sleep, while 2 people stay awake.

    Making the trip in 4 days would be about the most we'd recommend for a 2 person trip - even that would mean 12+ hour days on the road every day. If you can't alot at least 4 days each way for your travel, then look at buying plane tickets.


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