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    I hope someone can me with some sugguestions or even plan a good route for us. We a couple in our 20's coming over from ireland for a holiday.

    Everything i say in the next couple of sentances is flexible apart from the arriving and departing San Francisco. We are arriving in San Francisco on 22 June and plan to spend 3 or 4 night there and see the sights, only sights i know so far are the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz, so help there would be good too. After San Fran we're renting a Mustang and hitting the road probably on 26 June with 4 days on the road with plan to arrive in Vegas on the 29 June and spending 8 nights there before flying back to San Fran on 7 July for our flight back to Ireland.

    If someone could tell me what places we should see on our trip from san fran to vegas, I have heard yosemite and death Valley would be good, how long we would need and suggest places to stay over our 3 nights on the road that would be great. We are planning on doing day tours from Vegas for the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, does this make sence or should we incorprate it into our road trip.

    Any help would be great, as i said everything is flexable as we havent booked anything only our flights to and from san fran, so if the road trip needed to be longer it could be.

    Thank You


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Having 3 nights on the road will give you a nice amount of time to explore this region. Yosemite and Death Valley certainly two of the more popular options for this trip. Since this route is already discussed extensively on this forum, I suggest you start by reading some of our existing posts. This thread has links to a few of our favorites and here is a great field report from the area.

    As far as the Grand Canyon goes, its really too far from Vegas to make for a good day trip - it really needs to be at least an overnight trip - however, here are some excellent ideas for more manageable daytrips from vegas.

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    it's a great area to explore and the scenery is unbelievable and it's hard to beat the drive through yosemite and death valley to vegas. it's so diverse and the ever changing scenery will blow your mind!!
    as you are flexible i would consider extending your road trip to take in the grand canyon and cut back a little on your nights in vegas rather than doing day trips. the hoover dam is worth seeing whilst travelling between the two,but in my opinion not worth a "special trip" for.
    you may want to consider visiting zion n.p.,which you could either do in a day trip from vegas or make a loop in with the grand canyon with a couple of nights extra away from vegas. have a great trip!!

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    Thanks for the posts guys,

    I think our plan will be to spend 4 nights in San Fran and then drive to Yosemite on Thursday 19 June and to stay 2 days at the Yosemite Bug and do a bit of looking around from there. Then on the Saturday will drive down to Sequoia have a look around and stay at McNally's Fairview Lodge for a night, -- from here I am a bit lost, can I do death valley the next day from here and make it to Vegas on the same day? I should I spend another night somewhere and break up the trip a bit? We'd like to spend another night somewhere as we have the time to.

    The two places that I plan to stay in that I have mentioned above, I got from another thread on this form, they look fine to me, but if someone has some suggestions for nicer places, please tell me, neither one seems to have a bar and for an Irish man that's a bit of a worry, but I think I will survive.
    Thanks for your help.

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    as you have a night to spare i would use it to stop in between. after sequoias [i presume you mean the giants forest] you could continue down the generals highway and head to exeter and onto portersville [through all the lemon groves] and possibly take the mountain road through camp nelson and quaken aspen and onto kernville. it's an excellent drive although twisty and narrow in places it's very scenic as you follow the river kern down to lake isabella. a stop in this area woulld give you a good day to cross death valley from ridgecrest and head through stovepipe wells and the sand dunes before passing furnace creek ranch [great place to stop for lunch and have a look around "the museum".] before heading on to vegas passed badwater.

    if you decided to take the mountain road to kernville,you will pass through a lovely grove of sequoias called "the trial of 100 giants" near johnsondale. it's well worth a stop,it's much less visited and has a nice loop trial that you can walk around.
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