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  1. Default California ideas -advice appreciated!

    Travelling October 12-26 I thought about Boston to Niagara via Canada. I have now thought again and would welcome guidance and opininon re my ideas.

    In principle I thought of stopping 4/5 max covering one of the following routes:

    1. Fly to Los Angeles, drive to San Diego (4 nights), then to Phoenix (3 nights), then to Flagstaff / Grand Canyon (1 night), across to Las Vegas (4 nights) then back to Los Angeles (2 nights)

    2. Fly to San Francisco (2 nights), drive to Las Vegas (4 nights), then to San Diego (3 nights), then to Santa Barbara (3 nights) then back to San Francisco (2 night).

    How far is reasonable to drive in a day allowing for time to stop on route? Are the routes OK, and doI need to book hotels early or can I find places on the day? Can you cancel hotels and get money back? What is parking like in hotels - is it free?

    Sorry for all the questions......
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    Default It's Not My Trip

    And there's the rub. It's nearly impossible for me to tell you what YOU'd enjoy more. Either trip would be perfectly enjoyable, and I suspect that you already have a preference for one trip over the other, so go with that. For a full up travel day, with only minimal stops along the way, 500-550 miles is a reasonable distance. If you plan on taking short hikes at stops en route or poking around side roads, 350-400 miles would be more in order. Here are links to a number of discussions of those two general itineraries to give you some ideas. Other than near the major parks (Yosemite and the Grand Canyon) on weekends I would think that you can manage quite reasonably without reservations. Most motels require 24 hours notice to allow cancelation without a penalty and even that would cut into any spontaneity that you're trying to maintain.


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    Default It varies

    What is parking like in hotels - is it free?
    In my experience, hotel parking is normally free. However, it isn't unusual for there to be parking fees in the heart of metro areas in the larger cities.

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    Thanks for advice and comments. I am now thinking of beaches/coast then Parks and Vegas then back to San Francisco.

    I am now thinking of the following route - Fly to San Francisco 1 night, drive Santa Barbara 2 night, drive Los Angeles 2 nights, drive San Diego 2 nights, drive Joshua Tree 1 night, drive Las Vegas 3 nights, drive Hoover dam, drive Death Valley, drive Yosemite 1 night, drive San Francisco 2 nights, then fly back to UK. Please could you comment on this route. Are there better places to see on route?

    In the 2 weeks October 12 -26 when would you stop, and for how long? What level of driving/stops would be best? With this route what weather would I expect, and would this trip work weatherwise if I reversed the route?

    Thank you very much for your words of advice - we really appreciate it!

    Nick and Karen

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    If you are staying the night in the Joshua Trees, check out the 29 Palm Inn - I spent 5 days there in 2002 (my sister got married there) and it was fantastic. Not in any way 5* quality, but the villas are beautifully rustic and the desert around is just beautiful. The villa my sister stayed in and had her reception, had a pull down cinema screen for all the directors who stay there for a couple of days' break from LA and have the rushes for that day's filming sent over to watch!

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