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  1. Default Help!!! Vancouver to Las Vegas

    We are driving from Vancouver to Las Vegas in June.

    We have had several people tell us the best route to go. We just want to get there ASAP (we have two and a half days).

    Does anyone know the fastest, easiest route? Thanks for your help!

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    Default 3 Options

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There are 3 options I would consider. I think the fastest and easiest would be taking I-15/I-84/I-82/I-5 going through Utah and Idaho and then cutting back towards Seattle.

    A 2nd option would be to use US-93 and NV-318 as a short cut, going up through Nevada and rejoining the Interstate at Twin Falls ID. This would shave about 100 miles off the trip, but it would be on lonely desert roads, so you'd have to pay closer attention to services/motels/etc.

    The 3rd option would be to take I-15 south to Barstow, CA-58 west to I-5, which you'd follow all the way north. I know this is the prefered route for some people, but its a little longer and goes through a few more congested areas than the I-15/I-84 option. The time difference wouldn't be that substantial either way.

    No matter which route you end up using, 2.5 days will be about the right amount of time for this trip, and you shouldn't feel too rushed.
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    Default 1 more option

    You could go down I-5 until Shasta, CA, and then take 89/44/36/395 to Reno. This takes you over the lovely Sierra Nevadas and the drive is far easier to follow than the four routes listed makes it sound....just follow signs to Reno. Easy. From Reno, take 95 into Vegas. This is actually the shortest option saving only about 20 miles over the first route Michael gave you via Utah. But the Utah route is a bit quicker to drive as you're mainly on interstates the entire way.

    You could actually do another option going down the middle of Oregon via Bend and into Winnemucca, Nevada, then south-east to Vegas. There are several route options to make this work that we could discuss more later if it interests you.

    I think the best trips are loop drives so you're not backtracking on the same roads. I would take any one of these routes one direction and another route the way back home.

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    Thanks for your help!

    Someone suggested going I5 to Sacramento, then to Reno and then Reno to Vegas. Is this a good option, my guess is no???

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    Default lot longer

    Sacramento is south of Reno, and there isn't a freeway from Reno to Vegas, so you'd end up traveling more miles than any of the routes listed before and on roads with slower speeds.

    If you're looking to go via Reno, then I'd use the option Judy laid out.

    As far as distances go, the route through Twin Falls and Eastern Nevada is about 1260 miles. The shortest all interstate route Via I-15/Salt Lake City is 1390, Judy's option through Reno is about 1330. I-5 to the Bakersfield area is 1450, and Going through Both Sacramento an Reno is the longest, all the way up to 1480.

  6. Default Fastest versus more interesting....

    Since you're looking for the ASAP route, the computer gives the fastest route as I-84 to Twin Falls, and then south on I-93.

    The 2nd fastest alternative is down I-5 to Sacramento, then I-80 to Reno, then catch I-95 south at Fallon to Las Vegas. That route is mostly interstate, you can make it to Las Vegas in 2 full days of driving.

    Now, I don't have a lot of experience on these routes, but I've driven the I-5 route from SoCal to Bellingham WA lots of times...

    I-5 south to Bakersfield, then CA-58 to Las Vegas, then I-15 to Vegas. That's a very doable route in 2 full days of driving. But they'll be 2 days of driving.

    All three of these routes ought to be able to be done in 2 full days of driving. The distances are the same within about 15% -- the longest is 1470 miles, the shortest 1270 miles (I-93 from Twin Falls). The difference in times is probably about 2 hours fastest to slowest.

  7. Default Us 93 / Nv 318

    We have been looking at maps and everyone's suggestions. I just wanted to know what US 93 and NV 318 road were like? Easy to drive? Lots of rest areas?

  8. Default Highway 93 - NV

    We are deciding to travel via Twin Falls from Vancouver to Vegas.

    What is highway 93 like? Is it easy to drive, is there lots of places to stop for lodging, food, gas, rest etc? Thanks!

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    Default Sorry..,

    I don't have any personal experience driving that particular route. However, I have driven many roads in The West, some more obscure than 93, and I have never had problems driving the roads or problems finding food, lodging, gas, etc. From looking on the map, I do see some stretches without towns. However, you will likely find little "hamlets" with at least a gas station/convenience store dotted along the way. In my experience, whenever there is a fairly long stretch of road without services, there will be a sign warning you of that so you will know ahead of time. Even if you don't see those roads, I always top off the tank whenever possible on lonely roads. I try not to let myself get much lower than half-a-tank. That way it's not a worry. Also, always travel with a cooler with drinks/snacks so food is not an issue.

    Enjoy the drive!

  10. Default 101

    Thanks Judy!!!

    Coming home we are going from Las Vegas along highway 101. Once we get to Bakersfield what is the best way to get to Highway 101 to drive along the coast??

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