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    Hey everyone, my girlfriend and I have recently decided to take a road trip next May/June across the wonderful USA. We will have graduatedd from college and want to take a good break before we enter the working world. Also, we have been together for a while, so this could also be the ultimate test (hopefully we will pass, haha). We don't seem to agree on places but I blame that on the fact that we have only been to major cities (ATL, NYC, LA, Detroit, etc.). I hope this trip will be an eyeopener for the both of us.

    Anyway, we don't have a designated time-frame to when we need to return, but maybe keep it around a month. We plan on staying at cozy, "mom & pop" motels/hotels, and eat at diners too keep cost down (maybe even a camp here and there).

    Something I was thinking of is for each of us to list out places or attractions that we want to see, such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and the rest of the cliche' vacations. Then we would just drive to each one, taking any route.

    What advice do you have, what do we HAVE to see, where should we stay away from, what route seems the most scenic, etc. We are new and curious... we will take anything!

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    You've already realized, I think, the best way to go about the "what" to see, and that is to just start listing the major places you'd (both or either) like to see. Once you have a list of about ten or a dozen pull out a map and see how they line up. That will in large measure determine what other places you can see easily in your month and what roads are available to link them. For just a few ideas of what else is out therm besides the cliche vacation spots, have a look through these lists

    But just as important are the "how" and the "why" of your trip, and for that I suggest that you and your girlfriend sit down one evening and just take this quiz to make sure you are both "thinking" about the same kind of trip.... But mainly make the trip about you and your discoveries, rather than about the things and places.

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