Yesterday, we went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, about 30 miles away.

We took the US-12 freeway with that classic "Beware of Low Flying Aircraft" sign. Definitely not something you normally see on the road.

A great alternative road to Lake Geneva would be County Highway H which was the original US-12. You can pick it up at the Illinois-Wisconsin border at Genoa City and be prepared for some great country driving. At Lake Geneva, don't turn to the right, proceed forward to Wells Street which has about ten old mom and pop motels, some still open, as this was the original "entrance way" to Lake Geneva.

Even with gas prices over $4 now ($4.10), there was a lot of traffic, but this is the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend, opening season for this tourist destination.

Ate at Popeye's overlooking Geneva Lake which has been serving great food since 1972 and has quite a nautical decor. Then took a walk to the several souvenir shops around the corner.

Walked across the street to the Riviera Docks with its classic architecture and looked at some of the turn-of-the-20th-century steam launches that are in perfect shape and available for private tours. They also have several bigger boats available for 1-2 hour tours as well as dinners and jazz music.

Before the arrival of roads, people with the mansions all had steam launches to pick up out-of-town guests from the Riviera Docks. These people would arrive on the trains.

Lake Geneva, a Great Place to Go. --RoadDog