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  1. Default Chicago to Portland...I-80 or I-90?

    I'm driving to Portland, OR from Chicago during the first week of August. I've made the trip once before and I took I-80 to I-84. I want to take I-90 this time. My main curiosity is which route is easier on the car? Is there a big elevation difference? I won't be hauling any trailer or anything but if one route is much easier I'd be more apt to go that way. Thanks, Matt

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    Default either should be fine

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    Interstates have to meet certain standards for grades. Both I-80 and I-90 are going to have some hills and mountainous areas but any car that is in good enough shape to drive the distance you're traveling should be able to handle any of these elevation gains/losses just fine. No worries. Truckers and RVers drive them all the time so there's no reason you can't do them in a car. I'd pick the route you want to do the most and not worry about it.

    Can we help you with anything else to plan a great trip?

  3. Default Rapid City lodging?

    How about a inexpensive ( <$100) hotel/motel in the Rapid City area? We should be there on Monday, August 4th. I've checked and google and the rooms are close to or more than $200! Is it because it's a Monday or something? Is Mt. Rushmore that popular? Are there enough hotels/motels in the area that a reservation isn't necessary? We usually fly by the seat of our pants in regards to finding a place but we've got a baby we're traveling with now so peace of mind is looking pretty nice. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! Great site!

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    Default Sturgis

    Actually, August 4th happens to be the first day of one of the biggest events of the year in the Black Hills: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. That event attracts thousands upon thousands of people to the area every year, and I'm certain that's why you're finding room rates so high.

    If you go this route, you'll get to see lots of motorcycles (and motorcycles being pulled on trailers) and just swinging through town would be a fun experience as part of a roadtrip. However, all of those people are going to make stopping in that area far more challenging that usual.

  5. Default My girlfriend was right...

    she said, "I think there's a motorcycle rally or something out there". Thanks for the confirmation. We shifted our week around and are now getting into Rapid City a day before the rally which cut our hotel cost in half.

    Onto a new topic...what about "mystery spots" you know of any along I-90?

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    Default Mysterious

    If by mystery spots, you mean those occational tourist trap type places that claim to be a "mystery spot," I can't think of any off hand that are nearby I-90.

    Wisconsin Dells has a few goofy attractions like that (A White House Replica turned upside down, is one of them). Otherwise Wall Drug is another great place to have some fun being a tourist.

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