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    Hi guys, I'm getting ready to leave from New Brunswick to British Columbia next week, and I'd like to take the 2 West from Michigan (crossing in Sault-Ste.-Marie) to Idaho, before crossing to Canada and continuing to Vancouver. I may even go all the way to Seattle before heading North. I've never seen that part of the States, plus it'd be nice to have cheap gas while I still can!
    I figure the Northern part of those states is fairly unpopulated, which is good, as I'm traveling with my dog who loves to run, and me, who hates cities and motels.
    So I'm wondering what type of route this is, I love meandering 'secondary highways', driving through small towns, and plenty of places to stop and swim, run, or camp for free. Are there tolls on the #2, or is that just on the interstate? Any advice on where to camp, swim, walk the dog; or any neat spots in general to stop at?
    If the 2W is anything like from Bangor to Burlington, then it'll be a great drive.

    Thanks guys!
    Great site and happy driving

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I've driven some sections of this route, including the stretch through Ontario. The route goes through some pretty peaceful places to relax. There will be some National Forest lands where you may be allowed to camp for free, but paying public campsites will be far more common.

    There are no tolls that I know of along this route, except for perhaps a toll bridge (I think there is one at Sault Ste Marie).

    Really the best guide to Route 2 that I can think of is the Great Northern Route Guide over at Roadtrip USA.

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