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  1. Default 5 spanish guys, from NY to LA on july... please help us!!

    hi! we're 5 guys from spain planning a road trip for the last week of july... around 30 days, but we will be spending at least 7 days in new york...

    this is the plan:

    leaving new york down to washington, then coming back up to buffalo, toronto, detroit, then chicago and in springfield illinois take route 66 (interstate 55 at this point, i think), st louis, then leave route 66 and going down to memphis (we have to see graceland), then we're heading for texas BUT we're not really sure if we should go through arkansas, louisiana (maybe go to new orleans) or mississippi, before going to dallas... after that, we're heading to arizona, then las vegas for a couple of nights... then we'll go north and enter california through san francisco. the trip actually ends in tijuana, mexico...

    so, pretty much, we're just asking for help... we're really looking for that AMERICAN experience wich we can't really live here in europe... you know, truck stops where we can have this huuuge breakfast... funny things to see on the road (you always see things in the movies like "the biggest 6 pack of beers in the world" and we just want to know if those things really exist), and pretty much anything that would help us... thanks a lot!!

    ps. should we rent a car? we're trying to keep it cheap... and renting a car is like 2500 dlls... would you recommend tu buy a car for at least half that price?? thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you can do the trip you are talking about, but you'll want to watch the clock a bit. If you are spending a week in NYC, and then spending the rest of your month zig-zagging across the country, you'll find your time will fly by faster than you might imagine.

    Renting a car will almost certainly be far cheaper than trying to buy and resell. You just won't be on the road long enough to make the economics work if you buy.

    And yes the World Largest Six Pack is real, and yes it really is filled with Beer! Its one of my favorite hometown attractions, and while its not on your current route, if you do go, make sure you stop for a brewery tour - which includes free samples at the end.

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    I suggest you use an online mapping program to play with routes. This is a big country and the distance between the places you want to visit is probably bigger than you imagine. However, it is do-able as long as you keep moving. I suggest that you have a target of where you need to be every 5 days or so. This will allow you some flexilibility from day-to-day but keep you on-track overall.

    Be aware, if you are planning on ending your trip in Mexico, that you can't take a rental car over the border.

    And please make use of all the great information on this website. It's not just the forums. Check out the Roadtrip Planning tab at the top of this page. Don't miss "Places to Visit" that gives you some of the interesting things in each state, listed by state; or our list of "Roadside Marvels"; and this page with excellent links to websites with the fun types of Americana you seem to be looking for.

    As you continue to work on your planning, keep asking questions so we can help you tweak your plans and create a fantastic roadtrip adventure. Happy planning.

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