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  1. Default Driving from NY to CA thru I-80-first timers!!!

    We are a girl and a guy driving across the country with little experience with this kind of road trip. Both of us have driven 15 hr trips, NY to FL, NY to NC, NY to Chicago - but this will the first REALLY long one and we have no idea how to go about it. As of now, we are planning our trip around taking I-80 because we heard the other way (through the South) is REALLY hot and somewhat boring - but we are open to opinions that contradict this. We are looking for the most offbeat/interesting things to do along the way - things like the Corn Palace in the Dakotas, 2-story out-houses, houses of serial killers, dinosaur bone sites - stuff like that. Really weird but fascinating places/sites. We want to arrive in CA by June 18th and we are planning to leave around June 5thish. We would also love any tips for any long road trip, like where to stay, what to bring in the car...

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    Probably, the biggest difference between the short, intense trips you've taken before and what you're currently contemplating is the need to pace yourselves. You do not want to be trying to put in 15 hour days - that's fine for 1 day, but will get you exhausted in very short order and detract from your enjoyment of what could and should be a grand adventure. So plan on being on the road no more than 10 hours or so a day and covering around 500-550 miles. That will leave at least a few hours to get out of the car and get some much needed exercise and to actually experience some of the country you're driving through. I-80 is a perfectly good route, but both the Corn Palace and the major attractions of South Dakota such as the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore are along I-90. Dinosaur National Monument is nearer to (but not on) I-80. I-70 through Colorado is another option. Which of those to take, or which combination, is entirely up to you. Pull out a map and see what's along those three routes and which most appeals to you. Two weeks is enough time to wander around a fair bit, so don't feel the need to just draw a line between two places and drive the shortest distance. As far as planning tips go, there are whole sections on RoadTrip Planning available to you by just clicking on the appropriate button at the top of this page.


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    The 80 is good if you want to get across the US as quickly as possible. But in my experience, it can get really boring. I'd recommend a different route, or getting off the interstate as much as you can.

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