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    We are going to a multi family vacation in Palm Coast in July. My dh and I will be driving from KC, maybe stopping in GA (we have made this drive many times) to see some family. Any certain route or must sees along the way? We can take up to 6 days to get there and will probably stop in Savannah for a couple of days.

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    I'm assuming that you usually take I-70/I-64/I-24/I-75. Well, the couple of days in Savannah offers a perfect excuse to mix it up a bit and use your 3-4 driving days to see some different things this time. By staying just northeast of your usual route you could hit Mammoth Cave National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC.. Now, those places aren't all connected by an obvious set of Interstates, but the Audubon, Natcher and Nunn Parkways in Kentucky, US-441 and US-19 across the Smokies, and I-26 into Charleston should do the trick.


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    Thanks for the great suggestions. I am going to check into these and see if we would be interested in stopping at any of them. We have been to Gatlinsburg several times, but the Smoky mountains are so pretty to drive through!!

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