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    Hey guys

    I've got an opportunity this summer for a US road trip. I want to do it on a motorbike. I'll be on my own, and was thinking of doing San Diego to Miami. I'm from the UK and have a great interest in the deep south. Sadly i've only got 2 weeks, so I'm wondering if I can get to see enough during this time and make it to my destination without breaking the speed limit too much!

    I'm not sure what there is to see apart from cites and landscape oh and the Kennady space centre. Are there any places of interest I should note on the way?

    I'd probably want to hit the Keys when I get down to Florida as it would be just silly not to.

    One thing i'm worried about is distance between petrol stations in Texas, I hope that they are more often than 200 miles as I think that is the range of the bike i'm looking to rent.

    Anyone done this journey, or live down there and know of some sweet spots I would sure like to hear about them.

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    I have never made this trip on 2 wheels but I have made it on 4. If my memory is correct, the stretch of road that is the most desalate is Arizona and New Mexico. The road goes on forever and it is terribly hot. I made it from LA to Jacksonville in 3 days with little to no sight seeing. I do recomend the Alamo in San Antonio, and eat at a Whataburger in Texas.

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    Welcome (both!) to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Coast to coast is five days by the fastest route, so that would be ten days round-trip (if that is your plan). If this is a one-way trip, that opens up more possibilities.

    As far as doing the trip by motorcycle, you may wish to stop more often since you won't have the same comfort as a car. I know a few people that often take long trips by motorcycle, and after a couple of 500 mile days, they're ready to slow the pace down quite a bit.

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    Default Getting Gassed

    I don't think you have to worry about finding fuel often enough. But if you want to explore this further, let me suggest visiting the TravMatix trip planning site. This is the easiest way I know of to check on gas stations along your route. Just choose "start my TravPlan" and then, when that's done, click on the "Gas" tab at the top of the page. If you scroll down, you will see that each exit along the route is listed along with all gas stations located at that exit. It also gives you the miles so you'll know just where the biggest gaps are on the road between gas stations and how long that gap is.

    I think this will be a terrific tool to help you be sure that you will find gas as often as you'll need it.


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    thanks for the replies. It's one way trip so have ~12 days in the saddle with 2 either end sorting shit out. 500 miles a day is tiering on a bike, so don't expect to do too many of them, if I do would like to do it in places where it's literally desert and road so I get more time to look at places of interest.

    Just in case others are looking at a long distance trip in the states on a motorbike here is a useful site on the laws of each state.

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