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    We are planning a road trip around Grand canyon in two days

    Day 1. Las Vegas > Zion NP > Bryce Canyon NP > Grand Canyon(South) NP
    Day 2. Grand Canyon(South) NP > Sedona > Hoover Dam > Las Vegas>

    My Concern is on Day 1 the last leg of the journey that is Bryce NP to Grand canyon. Hows the road condition is it Mountain Road / Do we have at least 2 Gas station in between ? Your advice greatly appreciated!


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    Default bigger problems to worry about?

    hi there,
    i don't think you will have any problems with roads or gas but thats one heck of a drive. as lovely as it is do you really want to drive all that way and have very little time to see anything. at a guess i would think your looking at 10 hours driving on day 1 and over 6 hours on day 2 which does'nt leave much time for eating and resting never mind sight seeing.
    i would try and get at least another night or consider just taking a trip to the grand canyon.
    whatever you decide have a great trip!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    If all you are planning on doing is driving, and not actually stopping to see anything...I'd say you are looking at about 12-13 hours driving on that first day. If I were you, I'd take this circular route, split it in half, and pick one of the halves.

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    Default A week in a day

    I agree with the previous posts, you're trying to pack a week's worth of activities into 2 days - nearly all of which would have to be spent on the road.

    Just packing Bryce and Zion into one day from Las Vegas would be a extremely full day, adding in another 6-7 hours of driving to the south rim just isn't realistic. Even trying to spend time at the Grand Canyon, and then swinging through Sedona on the way back to Vegas would be a pretty massively long day, with more time focused on watching the clock than watching any of the sites.

    Its easy to forget just how far apart distances can be in the west and how long it can take to get from point to point. If you've only got 2 days, I'd think about the Grand Canyon or Zion/Bryce, but not both its just too far.

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    Hi All .. Thank you for your valuable advice. I think I will do one of the half as one of you had mentioned.


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    hi,no problem.
    another option,although it would'nt give you lots of time would be to get an early start out of vegas and head for the north rim of the grand canyon,take in the views and maybe head back towards kanab for the night. another early start would give you a decent day in zion n.p. [lovely place] and not to bad a drive in the evening back to vegas. have a great trip what ever you decide.

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