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    My wife and I (and our puppy) will be making this trip in about a month. We are hoping to spend about 7-10 days getting there. We would like to stay near the coast as much as possible and we are planning on camping most of the time. We are not very familiar with the area so we are looking for any advice on must-sees or anything yall would recommend.

    Anybody here have any advice?


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    Default You and your puppy will love it

    You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the coast highway with that many days. Puppy will love running on the beach. Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums,

    This post
    will lead you to dozens of ideas of places to explore. After you've gotten some ideas, please come on back here with any other questions you might have so we can help you fine-tune your trip plans. Happy planning!

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    Appreciate your help!

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    Since we are planning to camp the majority of the time along the way, is it easy enough to stumble upon camping areas or would it be wise to have certain spots set aside to stay at? This may be a difficult question to answer since we haven't completely decided on what side trips we plan on making. From pictures and others' comments, I think one trip we plan on making is out to Crater Lake. Would you agree?
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    Default That Just Came Up

    Another member just asked essentially the same question. Here is my response, and I hope it proves useful to you as well.


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