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  1. Default Colorado or Wyoming

    Hi folks,
    Firstly like to say how much we love the open road in the US. We've visited much of California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and a little bit of South Utah.
    In June we are flying into Denver and we can't decide between heading northwest toTeton and Yellowstone or touring Colorado. My first thoughts are with Yellowstone.
    Your views please

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    Default Great Choices

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Both are fantastic places where you could easily spend weeks and just scratch the surface. The choice on where to go, however, will always be a personal one.

    How much time do you have for this trip? Obviously, you'll need more time to travel to Yellowstone. Why are you currently leaning towards Yellowstone/Tetons? What things do you hope to see in either case?

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    Hello Midwest Michael
    We are arriving in Denver from the UK late 14 June and have to leave Denver for home 26 June.
    My initial plan is to head for Cheyenne then to Rawlins then take the 287 / 26 thru Grand Teton on up thru Yellowstone follow the 16 to Buffalo then Casper and back on to Denver.
    What do you think?
    But then Colorado also looks inviting. I better decidesoon!

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    Default Both are great routes!

    I think you can get some of both by doing a loop that would look more like this:
    Denver - Cheyenne - Casper - Buffalo - Cody - Yellowstone - Grand Tetons - Rock Springs - Grand Junction - Denver

    The Grand Junction to Denver route is on I-70...a beautiful stretch of interstate.

  5. Default Circle trip

    so, after much consideration and debate we, the wife and I that is, have decided on this route.
    Denver....Saratoga....Alcova....Buffalo....Cody... .then Debois, Pinedale or Jackson....onward to Rock Springs....Grand Junction....Boulder....Denver.

    What say you roadsters????
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    Default Looks good to me!

    I'm assuming that you're going to be spending some time in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, plus time in Rocky Mountain National Park, right?

    Your route is just over 1600 miles. You should have plenty of time exploring those parks, sights along the way, and make it back to Denver without feeling rushed. And you will see some awesome stuff along the way.

    You will want to get your lodging reserved for the Yellowstone/Teton area as that is one of America's most popular national parks.

    Enjoy! And let us know how your trip goes. Anymore questions?

  7. Default Final final route

    14 June arrive Denver from UK and overnight
    15 June P/U car drive to Cheyenne then on to Saratoga area via scenic route WY 130
    16 June Saratoga area to Dubois on the 287
    17 June Dubois to Jackson
    18 June Jackson to Gardiner MO starting on scenic route WY22 /390 via Yellowstone western route and Mammoth Hot Springs
    19 June Gardiner to Cody via eastern Yellowstone
    20 June Cody
    21 June Cody to Red Lodge via route 296 and the Beartooth Pass
    22 June Red Lodge
    23 June Red Lodge to Buffalo Area via scenic route thru Big Horn taking in Lovell, Burgess Junction, Shell, Hyattville and Ten Sleep
    24 June Buffalo area to Sinclair area via Casper and scenic route thru the Seminoe Mountains 603/407 then the 351
    25 June Sinclair area to Cheyenne
    26 June Cheyenne - Denver - London UK Boo Hoo..missing WY already

    Downside I miss Rocky Mountain National park
    Positve Side...I come back next year and take in Colorado and Santa Fe

    Your wise views please
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    There is a lot to see in Yellowstone. i spent three and half days there and saw a lot but i was on my own and moving fast. look at what there is to see there and how much time you think you will need. keep in mind that traffic in yellowstone can be a pain: many slow moving RV's, lots of people and animal caused traffic jams. it's absolutly worth going however it may be worth another day or so in yellowstone at the expense of time in other spots.

  9. Default Only one thing

    Only one thing I see that I would do differently. I would spend more time in Jackson and venture out to the Tetons (lots of wildlife opportunities) and less time in Cody (not much to do there). Anyway, you'll have fun. Just enjoy the ride and save some time for unexpected sights that you'll want to stop to explore.

  10. Default Only one thing

    Forgot about the museum there (Buffalo Bill Cody) It is definitely worth a visit. It will take 3-4 hours to see it all.

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