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    My wife and I are embarking on a 4 week journey commencing in Calgary, driving South to Yosemite and then roughly East finishing in New York. We'll have done california (LA, San Fran, Canyon, Vegas, Yellowstone) by then so no point heading back this way. Although we have a guide book, we've never been to the states and would love an insiders view on the "must sees" as wed hate to miss anythnig spectacular. Wed like to have a little longer however 4 weeks should be enough time to give it a good crack. All assistance welcome!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    "Must See" is one of those really challenging concepts, because everyones tastes are different. 4 Weeks allows you to see almost anything in the US, so you've really got a more than a million possibilities. What sorts of things are you interested in?

    Here are a few hundred ideas across the US and Canada to help get you started.

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    Cheers for your reply. I guess I want to get a feel for as much of the states as I can. Various national parks (yellow stone and yosemite are on the list, are there any others you would recommend for variety?) I want to get a feel for the south but dont know where to start. Ill obviously need to do niagra and will probably find my way past mount rushmore. Utah interests me although im not sure why. New York goes without saying as does washington. Other than that, we just want as much variety as we can get in our 4 week period. (This 4 weeks will be all the states as we have canada fairly well planned and have a seperate time line for this).

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