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    Default Fresno to Washington and Back

    I came here when planning my first roadtrip two years ago after graduating college. I'm now taking some time off work to take another trip.

    I live in Fresno, and will leave here June 1st. I need to be back for a friend's wedding June 21st, giving me three weeks on the road. I have some family and friends to visit all around Washington, so I plan on spending the middle of the trip visiting and driving in between them.

    I'm planning to drive up the coast, and was wondering if highway 1 was a viable option, or if I should stay on the 101. My desire is to see some beautiful scenery, as well as have some interesting low cost places to visit (any suggestions on places to stop would be great as well).

    On the way down, I'm planning to take the 5 if I'm in a hurry, but maybe some back highways if I'm not.

    Any suggestions of places to see or routes to take?
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    Default Go For It

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Certainly the coast road is worth while and is a viable option. A week one way to just about anywhere in Washington would make a very relaxing drive. You'll find a number of links to discussions of the sights to be seen in this area here


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    Thank you for the links. They should provide some interesting experiences.
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