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    Three friends and I wil be coming over to Florida from the Uk between the 12 July and 25th

    The plan is to get a car,driving around to miami, the keys etc

    Juts wondering if anyone had any reccomendations on what to see

    Was wondering if there's any mountains around in florida too also wheres the best place to see the sunset

    thank you!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The highest point in Florida is only 300 feet high, so I think mountains would be out of the question within the state, however you could go north into the Carolinas/Tennessee area if mountains are something you'd really like to see.

    As far as sunsets go, I'd have to say sitting on the beach pretty much anywhere on the Gulf (west) Coast of the state would be a good spot for sunsets.

    Here are 26 more ideas for things to do in Florida

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    Default Florida's Alps

    Hello pirlo-

    MM is dead on target as to absence of mountains in FL. There are some wooded sandhills along the FL-GA border which are jokingly referred to as the Florida Alps, but there are no real mountains anywhere in FL.

    I just last weekend enjoyed a spectacular sunset over the Gulf of Mexico at Longboat Key, near Sarasota, on Florida's west (Gulf) coast. The sunsets at Key West are, I hear, spectacular, and they tend to kick off a human spectacle, as well, with the partying kicking up several notches during and after sunset.

    Back to mountains: There are foothills/mountains a bit closer to FL than MM listed: In east-central Alabama lies Cheaha Mountain, which at 2,450' is the highest point in Alabama and holds the Cheaha Mountain Scenic Drive, a short parkway along this long ridge with views to the valleys on each side. Also, north of Atlanta is the Georgia section of the Blue Ridge, with Dahlonega near its center. For larger mountains in the 6,000+ elevation, NC and TN are where you'd have to go, as per MM's recommendation.

    Have a great trip!



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