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  1. Default Ten states, West to East in 21 days?

    Hi there, fantastic forum and a mine of information.

    Am planning a roadtrip to the states in July/Aug. As it stands the plan is to fly to San Francisco, stay two nights there, then drive to Lake Tahoe, then on to Moab to Arches NP & Monument Valley, from there up to Colorado Springs, down to New Mexico and across to Texas (stopping in a Mexican border town if possible - any recommendations?) From there we plan to drive to New Orleans, through Mississippi and on to Orlando Florida, all in 21 days! Does this sound doable? We're not planning on staying any longer than one or two nights in any location, just enough to see the areas really.

    Would be grateful for any advice & tips.

    Many thanks
    Mel (Ireland)

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to Roadtrip America.

    Sounds like you have a great trip planned.

    If you get a chance, at some point get on old Route 66.

    From New Orleans follow the coast. You'll see Hurricane damage from Waveland to Biloxi. Spend some time in Mobile. Go to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and while there go north to Lambert's in Foley for "throwed rolls" and some great food. Try an all-you-can eat mullet meal.

    Go to Flor-abama on the Florida-Alabama line, home of the inter-state mullet throw. Definitely go to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola.

    Have a great trip.

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    Default Mullet meal? Mullet throw?

    What is this mullet of which you speak? (I can only think of the hair style, LOL)

    That does sound like a great trip. You can cross the US in about 5 days of long-driving days. So with the extra 15-16 days, you should have plenty of time to explore. At the pace you're considering, you should be fine. You might want to have a benchmark of where you need to be at the end of each week so you don't either get too far behind and have to rush at the end, or rush the beginning thinking you need to and then finding you have extra time at the end and could have explored more along the way.

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    Thanks guys, appreciate the heads up, mullet sounds good!

    Can you suggest a good place to stop on the Mexican border? I've heard there are some places you can cross over to the Mexico side by foot for shopping/restaurants etc but can't figure out exactly where this is?

    Many thanks again,

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    Default El Paso - Ciudad Juarez

    That city pair offers your best opportunity for a walk across the border with a good sized city on the Mexican side. Ciudad Juarez is in fact the larger of the two.


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    Thank you, that's exactly the info I need. Just one more question, as we will be travelling pretty much the whole way through New Mexico, what are the must-see areas on this route. Is Roswell worth a look?

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