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  1. Default Anahiem Disneyland to riverside LA

    How long to drive from disneyland LA to Riverside, there is a M/C shop I wish to visit namely KIWI Indian, on our last day in USA, is there a train or bus that can reliably get us there?

    need to plan this as we leave for a 1030pm departure from LA int. A/Port

  2. Default a couple of options...

    It's about an hour or so from to drive from Anaheim (taking Disneyland as the starting point) to Riverside (taking downtown Riverside as the end). You have to realize these are fairly large areas. Anaheim city is 130 km^2, and Riverside is 203 km^2. My concern about traveling without a car, is you can end up with public transportation to a point in the city, and then not be able to get from that point easily to your destination, which may be on the outskirts of the city.

    Having said that..

    The metrolink light rail system goes from Anaheim station (about 2 1/2 miles, or 4 km, from Disneyland) to Riverside downtown. The schedule and train link description is here You'll need to check to see what the costs and if the schedules match -- and figure how to get from the station to your destination and back, and then from Anaheim to the airport.

    Other options might include:

    a) Rental car. Probably the fastest, although depending upon who you rent from it can be (guestimate) from $30-80 per day. Again, its about an hour or so from Anaheim to Riverside, and the same back.

    b) Taxi. More expensive, probably in the $60-80 each way range.

    c) Car & Driver. More expensive yet. But no hassles driving at all.

    d) Bus. There are bus connections, but you need to make several changes to get their, and its much slower than the train.

    And as a last note, and you have some time to kill in Riverside, the Mission Inn in Riverside is alway a cool place to just look around at. It's right in downtown, and one of my favorite funky hotels.

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    Exactly the type of info I was hoping for.


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