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    Hi there. New to the sight. I'm from Omaha, Nebraska and am looking to take a roadtrip and camping trip with my boyfriend.

    Does anyone know of a resource to find good camping sites?

    Also, any ideas for a road trip of "World's Biggest" etc. odd sights to see in unusual places?

    Any ideas or other resources welcome.

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    Default Oddities galore!

    I love me a TTT (tacky tourist trap) myself! Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    This page has links to a lot of resources that might be helpful. I especially like "Back on Tack". Here's a link to the page that lists attractions by state so you might find some things there worth exploring. Here's another great resource.

    And, of course, on these forums are literally thousands of posts. You might try the search function (green bar above).

    Good camping sites for many public/government owned and operated campgrounds can be found here. Many but not all states have their state campgrounds on that site. If the states you're traveling through don't seem to be on there, just google "__state name__ parks" and this should get you to the state's website about their own park system. This RTA camping page has other useful links.

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the Nebraska area to give you any good specific suggestions but I'm sure someone else will pop in here with some ideas. But all those links should give you a good kickstart on your planning.

    Please let us know how we can help you further. Happy planning!

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