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    Greetings again fellow trippers,

    For the second time in consecutive years we'll be headed to Hilton Head Island for a week. Our road trip this time will be considerably larger, at least 4 cars, 10 people (5 couples). I had a couple questions...

    1. Are there any interesting landmarks in between these locations?
    2. Is it more cost effective to rent a van or RV for this trip rather than use our reasonably fuel efficent cars? We'd take 4-5 cars.

    The car issue is that once we arrive, some of us might want to go off on our own. And the second is the luggage and comfort issues of a 10-12 hour drive. An RV seems like not a good idea as once we're there, travel around the island would be a chore.
    The sight seeing question is pretty easy. I video tape everything, and the most interesting thing that happened on the way there last time was some intense fog in West Virginia in the morning. I just want to see something worth remembering.

    Keep in mind we're between the ages of 24-29. No kids on this trip either. Thanks for all your advice, I loved the help I got last time!

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    You'll be in the Blue Ridge Parkway area, which is beautiful. A quick stop'll show you why it's called the Blue Ridge -- the mountains have a hazy, blue tint, which is unlike other mountains. Lots of good hiking. I don't think you'll be very near Grandfather Mountain (and the mile-high swinging bridge) or Biltmore House, but either one of those would be worth going a little out of your way.

    If your party contains NASCAR fans, you'll be passing very close to Lowe's Motor Speedway and Kannapolis, which is Dale Earnhardt's home.

    Without having firm figures on your car's mileage vs. a rented van's mileage, I'd guess that it'd probably be about even financially. The van, of course, would mean less driving for each individual.

    Unless you plan day trips off the island, I wouldn't worry about on-island transportation. The place is fairly small, and -- depending upon which part of the island you're staying in -- you can walk or bike most places. We've always stayed in Forest-something, the middle section which is full of restaurants, etc., and we've even been able to walk to a small grocery store.

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    Default Side Trip to Mt. Airy and Snappy Lunch

    Close to the Va./NC line is Mt. Airy, Andy Griffith's hometown and the basis of Mayberry. Lots of souvenir shops and the World famous Pork Sandwich at Snappy Lunch. You can even take a ride in a Mayberry squad car.

    At some point in NC, get some bbq.

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    That a good idea, the food stops. Anything famous like that would be good. I'm going to have a tough time getting my crew to stop along the way. So the quicker, and less out of the way these places are the better. I know it dwindles my chances but its hard to convince 9 other people who want to get to the beach to hold on.

    No NASCAR fans, but seeing blue mountains is doable. So if anyone thinks of any other sights, or historical places we'll pass for some education, let me know. But the food places are a good one, seeing as we'll stop probably 3 times on the way there.

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