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    Hi Everyone,

    We are flying to my mother-in-law's place this summer and we will be driving back from Seattle to Houston. I am need to know which is the best route to take and also the shortest. We will be traveling with a 3yr old and baby. Of course I dont want to be on the road for an over 8 hrs a day with 2 young ones so will need to break the trip up along the way. What can you suggest?
    Look forward to your replies :)


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    The shortest route in terms of time is to take I-90 east out of Seattle and then use I-82 to cut southwest from Ellensburg to Hermiston, OR. Then I-84 will take you to the Salt Lake City area. Use I-80 across southern Wyoming and then I-25 down to Denver. From Denver, I-70 out onto the plains to Salina, KS and then I-135/I-35 south to Dallas and I-45 to Houston. If you only want to be on the road 8 hours a day, then I wouldn't count on covering too much more than 400 miles or so a day, so this drive should take you the better part of 6 days. As for things to do along the way, the children will be quite happy to just get out of the car in some nice settings and run around a bit. We made lists a little while ago of just such great (mostly free) places all along the major interstates.

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    This discussion should give you some more ideas about how to make this trip enjoyable for your kids AND for you!

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