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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to plan a relatively short road trip for our group of four. We have four/five days to drive between Las Vegas and San Francisco. I originally thought we'd like to see Death Valley, then on to Yosemite later the same day and then two nights Yosemite before heading to San Francisco. Reading some of these threads, makes me think I might be taking the beaten path - and not necessarily the best option!

    If anyone has any suggestions for our trip, would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I'll mention that it's Mid August. Is it safe to assume it's too hot for a convertible for this trip?

    Many thanks!

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    Default beaten path

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Las Vegas to San Francisco via Death Valley and Yosemite is probably the single most discussed route on the forum, so yes I would agree that it is the beaten path. Of course, the beaten path is beaten for a reason, its an excellent trip with many unique things to see.

    If you are looking for an alternate route that is much less used, you could look at crossing the Sierra at Sherman Pass, and travel through the Sequoia National Monument. Eventually you could turn into Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park and/or Yosemite from the West side of the Sierras. You'd see significantly fewer other people compared to the stunning and popular Tioga Pass through Yosemite National Park.

    A convertable would be an option. There will be sections of the desert where you probably want to leave the top up, but even there, you could enjoy the breeze in the morning and evening. Additionally, much of your trip will be in the mountains, that will probably perfect weather for keeping the top down.

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    Are you driving with 4 in a convertible??
    No other itinerary between Las Vegas and San Franciso beats the drive Las Vegas-Death Valley-Lone Pine-Lee Vining-Tioga Pass-Yosemite Valley-San Francisco. Just mho. It also will be hot if you take another route.
    With only 3 nights I would drive Las Vegas-Death Valley-Lone Pine first. Then to Yosemite for the other 2 nights. Make your reservation in Yosemite asa possible.

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