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    Hi everybody! I'm brand new to the site and we're getting ready to take our first big road trip on bikes staring May 24. We'll be leaving Louisville and heading into St. Louis, then plan to pick up the old Mother Road through Missouri. From there we plan to ride into OKC and that's about as far west as we'll go on this trip. I just realized we're about a week ahead of the big group ride. Darn! But my vacation is already scheduled. Looking for some tips on what part of the road is not to be missed, what parts should be avoided, etc. Also looking for fellow riders out there to join in. Our small group consists of me & husband, brother and sister-in-law, both on Yamaha V-stars, another friend on a Harley and my son doing the drive along with truck and trailer. Hope to see you on the road!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Although not as well known as its big brother that follows the Mississippi, the Ohio River Scenic Byway offers some great scenery and a relaxing ride as well, and you could follow it for at least part of your trip between Louisville and St. Louis. Then, of course, we've already dug up a number of resources for the Mother Road. I personally would like to get lost in the Ozarks, but that will happen another time. Best of Luck!


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    yes, I'm really looking forward to the Ozarks myself. I'm hoping the weather warms up too. If for some reason we have to change or shorten the trip due to weather then we're thinking about going down through Branson and into Arkansas to the Ozarks instead of going over through Springfield and into Okla. I've heard the Ouachitas area is especially nice.

    One of my concerns is that there are parts of 66 that are so chopped up esp. in Missouri that's it's hard to follow. It sounds like you've made the trip before. Is there any particular part that we'd be better off staying on the hwy. Thanks for your warm welcome.

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    Default Well, No

    I haven't driven that stretch of US-66 because by the time I started hitting the roads to/in the southwest, I-55/I-44/I-40 had already replaced it. And that is the case today. In fact, technically there is no US-66 anymore. It was officially decommissioned in 1985. As you point out, it 'exists' today only as disconnected sections of pavement which had local use and survived to become today's "Historic Route 66". Here is a web site that will show you where the old road went and what its current designations are in Missouri. Fortunately, the old road and the new Interstate stay close enough together that you can easily choose which one to be on at any given moment and make the change without too much trouble.


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    Thanks a lot! We are expecting it to be an adventure so it's not going to surprise me at all to find the broken pieces of road. I'm just hoping to stop at a few of the little towns and check out (on foot if necessary) what the original exprience must have been like. See you on the road!

    p.s. the website is perfect~

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    Does anybody plan on riding the week of May 24th-June 1? We're covering some of the heartland-MO, OKLA, ARK, TN. Would like other riders to meet on the road even if it's just for parts of the journey. Hope to see you out there. Be safe~

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    Actually, I will start being about two days behind you on old 66. We are starting at the same time, but I am beginning in Chicago. Will probably catch up with you before getting to OK City. We will be driving a medium gray Mazda mini-van. Occupants will be my wife, her sister, and cousin. If you see us, flag us down! We would love the company!

    First of all, except for about a SEVEN MILE stretch between mile marker 176 and 169 on I-44, you can travel all the way from St. Louis to Ok. City on old 66. This starts where MO 100 branches off I-270 at exit 9. Stay on 100 until ........ have to check a map. This will take you thru some of the best parts of 66.....(added note if you are a baseball fan: you will go thru Commerce, Ok which is Mickey Mantle's hometown and you can see his home.)

    I would be most happy to fill in more details for you to include the route and places that we are stopping at. You can contact me here or even better send me a private message. I hope you have a very pleasant journey...

    Just remember the journey is as important as the destination

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    Last October, wife and I made the trip from Springfield, Mo to Ok City and beyond (to Needles, Ca), so we have a good feel of its routing, etc.

    A suggestion if you have time to get it, the book "Ez66 Guide" by Jerry McClanahan gives a very detailed description of the route and what to see along the way.


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    Hi Bob,
    that's good news! Maybe we'll see you out there. Actually we already have the EZ66 book and the maps are great. We'll be leaving Louisville on the 24th and going to St. Louis for the day/night. Leaving out of St Lou on Sunday morning so this will actually be the beginning of our Rt 66 trip. If you want to look for us also there'll be 3 bikes--2 Yamaha,1 Harley and a Silver Dodge Durange pulling a utility trailer following us. We plan to make several stops on the old route and Mickey Mantle's home sounds good to me. It looks like you're from No. Carolina, right? I'll be watching for you on the road. Weather seems to be shaping up quite a bit for us!!

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