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    Hi all,
    Me (28), my wife(29) and a friend(25) from NYC are scheduling a road trip from NYC to San Francisco and then back.


    Trip length : 30 days
    Drivers : 3 (we can shift). We have made big trips before where one of us slept on the back seat and one driving and a co-pilot :)
    Car : Renting from Budget (standard size or fullsize)
    Preliminary trip : NYC – Detroit – Chicago – Seattle – San Francisco – LA – San Diego – Las Vegas – Houston – Jacksonville – NYC
    Economy :
    • Fuel : 7877 mi = 1260 $ (20 mi/gallon and 3.20 $/gallon)
    • Car rental : 1500 $
    • Food : 3 persons * 30 days = 3600 $ ≈ 40 $ person/day
    • Hotel : 80 $ (big room for all of us) * 30 days = 2400 $
    • Fun stuff : 3 persons * 30 days = 3150 $ ≈ 35 $ person/day

    Total ≈ 12000 $ ≈ 4000 $ person

    I do have couple of questions:
    1. Is the trip too ambitious ?
    2. Do we have time for visiting stuff as well or are we going to stay in the car most of those 30 days ?
    3. Is the route interesting enough ? We are open to everything. We like beach, nature big cities and bars ☺

    The route and the cities was chosen by looking on Google maps what cities could be interesting without knowing if they really are so we are open to input. I guess that when the trip has started we will make changes to the route. We might stay more time some places than other so we could skip cities as well if we fell to.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    30 days will be enough time for the trip, but it will be a lot of time in the car. You'd have to average about 250 miles per day to cover the distance, which isn't too hard at all, but if you want to spend a couple days at each city or other possible destinations, that number could start to climb quickly. If you want an overview type tour, you'll be fine, if you want lots of time to explore, I'd cut things back a bit.

    The only other red flag I see is your calculations for fuel costs. The current price of gas in the US is about $3.70, and its been rising by a couple cents every day. You didn't say when you are traveling, but I'd raise that number to at least $4, and maybe even more. You also need to take into account miles you'll rack up driving within cities and to attractions, that go beyond the point to point, city to city distances from google. I'd figure at least 10,000 miles total. That will raise your total gas costs to $2,000 - or about an extra $250 per person beyond what you've calculated. You've also got a fair amount of cushion in your food and fun budgets, so if $4k each was maxing your funds, you could cut a few corners and still stay within your current budget.

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    Hi Michael,
    Thanx alot for your input. We will consider the rising gas price and the total mileage. I think we can do 500 mi per day, those days that we are going to drive considering we are 3 drivers. In these way we should have some time left to spend in the good places.


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