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    Default Where to after Route 66?

    Hi All,

    My wife and I are planning a trip starting in San Fransisco, to LA and then following route 66 to Chicago, with a couple of off shoots along the way. This trip forms a major part of an around the world trip so we will need to fly out of New York at some point to head over to London.

    The question I have is, would it be advisable to drive from Chicago, through Canada to New York. Now I suppose the problem I have is that it will be December when we need to drive this leg, so the weather will be a factor in whether we do this or not. As I live in Australia snow and cold weather driving isn't really a problem and although I do have some experience of driving in a cold environment, I have no idea as to what to expect on this leg.

    Look forward to any comments you have.


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    Default Certainly

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Going through Canada would certainly be an option. Going through Detroit, taking a slight detour to Toronto, and then back through Niagara Falls would not be too far off the direct route. If you've got more time, you could look at continuing all the way to Montreal, and then head due south to NYC.

    Since this would be a rental car, you'll also need to make sure that you are allowed to take the car out of the US. It may be something you simply need to ask about, as keeping the car within the 48 states will probably be the standard, but an exception wouldn't necessarily be that difficult.

    Snow would be a distinct possibility in this area. The Great Lakes area can see extra snow, as cold air picks up moisture off of the lakes and dumps it as snow on the surounding area.

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    Thanks for the reply, I didn't think about the rental car being allowed outside the US. I suppose they will use that to increase the price too.

    I suppose one of the main worries I have is that the roads will not be passable and we end up arriving late to NYC and then missing out before having to jump on the next plane.

    One of the other factors is that we will have been on the road for about 3 weeks by the time we reach Chicago we may well be over the driving. Another thing is we are not sure what there is between Chicago and NYC. I thought about going via Washington and Philly, but the other half wasn't too bothered.

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    Hi Dave

    I'm planning on doing a similar trip as you and from Chicago we're driving to Cleveland, then onto Washington before driving to NY.

    I'm big on basketball and Cleveland is my fav team so it's a must! There's also the rock and roll museum and other cool things. Washington should also be interesting.


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    It has been a few years since I've taken a rental car to Canada, but I had no problems. Of course, this may have changed, and it always makes sense to read the fine print. A friend and I just chose the unlimited mileage option, IIRC. It may also depend on where you rent the car,of course. (That trip was to the Maritimes from New England in 2000, so border controls may have been pretty relaxed at the time too.) I do know that a lot of the same rental car companies operated in Eastern Canada and in New England.

    I've driven through Ontario in early December (heading west from Boston, towards Chicago) and the weather was fine. We had a bit of snow in Ontario, but nothing serious, and were fortunate to have good weather all the way West. (we went through Nebraska, Wyoming, and so on to Las Vegas, and then returned back to Boston in January.)

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    Default You'll Love 66 and US North Coast

    Nothing like a cruise along the Mother Road to take you back to the 50s and 60s (although not gas prices anymore).

    Once in Chicago, I'd suggest heading to the Ohio Lake Erie shore, America's North Coast as they call it.

    Along the way, take a student-guided tour of the Notre Dame campus and see the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana. Maybe even drive some of the first US transcontinental road, the Lincoln Highway.

    In Ohio, visit the original Tony Packo's in Toledo for some great Hungarian hot dogs (the MASH TV series even featured a delivery from there to Korea) and spend some time in Port Clinton. Take the ferry over to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island for a day of partying (it's like a mini Key West). Also check out the Marblehead Lighthouse for one of the most beautiful ones you'll ever see, but be careful, it hooked us on lighthouses.

    Then, hug the shoreline for lots of beautiful towns. In Cleveland, go to the Flats.

    You can then go to Niagara Falls and I suggest a sidetrip to Toronto.

    Just some ideas. Wow, Around-the-World. That has to be some kind of a roadtrip!!!

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    Default Taking the car out of the US

    I've found that this is a bit more difficult than it should be. We've planned two trips to Canada from NC in the past 5 years and both times we've had a hassle. We've ended up renting from Alamo both times as they were the only ones that didn't make a big stink about taking the car out of the country.

    As someone else said I would look into the fine print, other companies would but either they would add a charge, revoke the unlimited mileage or their base rate was so outrageous it was prohibitive. Be prepared to do some research online and by phone.

    I would imagine renting from a border state would be less of a hassle but I can't say.

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