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    We're from the UK and travelling from Vegas to Boston at the end of July until end of August, and we want to go via Memphis and Nashville. I know it's a long trip - is it manageable? We want to hire a car but I'm having problems finding a good quality rental place. I found National car hire which had really good prices but when I went to the review centre it had a really bad review. So, couldanybody answer the following:-

    1. Good inexpensive and good quality rental companies
    2. Other options?
    3. Is our trip manageable and realistic?

    Any other thoughts etc much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First, your timetable shouldn't be a problem at all. You can comfortably make the trip in a week, so a full month will be penty of time to cover the distance. Of course, with so many things to do across the entire US, it won't be hard to fill up that time either.

    I'm not sure what review site(s) you've seen, but I've never found a big difference between the major companies. I don't know of any complaints that I've heard that would keep me from using National for a rental.

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    Hi thanks for your reply. You say a week will do the trip - you mean from Vegas right through to Boston? That's great. we will be camping and staying in hotels/motels across the way and I'm very keen to make sure we get to Memphis and Nashville. We would have liked to have done Virginia too but not sure if there is enough time for that bit.

    The website I saw the review on was reviewcentre and it only had 35% recommended. Their drop off fees are only $199 compared to $500 elsewhere but a few of the reviewees said that they had been given a quote online and then had to pay a few hundred dollars more.

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    Default Given a quote? What does that mean to you?

    Quote Originally Posted by biayacollins View Post
    a few of the reviewees said that they had been given a quote online and then had to pay a few hundred dollars more.
    I have been a National client for a decade or so -- such a thing has never happened to me -- but I would NEVER rely on an online quote without booking it! That makes no sense -- the rental car business is just like the hotel lodging business -- prices are in constant flux and it would extremely foolish to expect that a price seen on a web site a month earlier would be the same price you would pay on the ground, unless it is pre-paid and confirmed.


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