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    We're doing a roadtrip next week:
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    Death Valley
    Las Vegas
    Bryce Canyon
    Lake Powell, Page
    Grand Canyon
    Las Vegas

    We have a big map of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and also some smaller roadmaps of the big cities. Will this be enough to find our way?
    I do not realy want to pay extra for satnav if not necesary.


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    Default I think you're set!

    I believe only one of the regular contributors here uses a SatNav/GPS system. And that person still uses paper maps, too. Most of us just like doing it the old-fashioned way and rely exclusively on good paper maps while on the road. Some of us do use online mapping programs for planing purposes but this isn't necessary, just handy.

    As long as you know how to read one, you shouldn't have any problems getting truly lost using a good map. I would suggest:
    * become familiar with the maps before you leave home
    * mark your preferred routes on the map itself or make a separate list
    * a cheap compass can be handy to help orient yourself to the map

    You are going into some areas that will have small roads into the wilderness. You can't expect to find these on a road map. So if you plan on doing any off-roading, you will want to get maps specific to that. DeLorme publishes a good series for each state. But you will only need these if you are going to do some serious off-roading. If not, your regular road atlas/maps will be just fine.

    Do you need any help with planning your trip?

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    Thanks Judy

    We are mainly staying on the big roads. I might print off some detailed maps from Google for the specific areas we are planning to stay in.
    In terms of planning, I think we've pretty much covered it. The only thing I'm concerned about is Tioga pass probably being closed when we get there on May 16th, which means quite a detour through Fresno and Bakersfield to get to Death Valley.

    I will post here if I have any more questions before we leave on friday.


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    we used fairly large scale maps to get around but i printed of some more detailed local maps from the internet before we left for places of interest to us such as national park roads and smaller roads that may not show up on the main maps. although we would have got by without, they were very usefull when finding your accomodation etc for the night.

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    Default I think you're doing it right, Nic H

    I do what Gommy does and what you're talking about doing. Having those extra maps can be quite helpful. Often not needed, but nice to have them when you do need them. Since you're visiting so many national parks, I hope you have already visited the National Park Service's website and looked up information about the parks you're visiting. Most of the sections for the parks will have internal maps for the parks themselves. I have found these especially handy. If I were you, I'd find them and print them out. Also any helpful tips on things to visit in the parks, etc.

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    Default Navigating vs. finding the small places

    Hello Nic-

    The text of your original post indicates your primary question relates to basic navigation from point A to point B. If correct, most any sort of highway and/or National Park Service maps will suffice.

    I'm a map geek, however, and normally travel with a veritable library of maps. The DeLorme Publishing state-by-state "Atlas and Gazetteer" series had been my favorite prior to October 2007, when the regulars here turned me on to the Benchmark series of state map books when I posted questions here about gearing up for a first-ever trip to California. The Benchmark books offer a rich-textured shaded relief map series in a very detailed scale so that you can identity topographic, and cultural sights quite readily. Whenever my Road Tripping calls for a state which Benchmark publishes, their book will be my first purchase.


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