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  1. Default Internet connection along the route?

    Hi all,

    As I posted before in some other thread we're planning a New York - San Francisco route for this summer. We're taking our laptop with us, and I'm wondering if we'll have free Internet connection in the motels/hotels along the route...

    We want to update a blog on a daily basis so this is important for us...
    We will be able to find free Internet connection?


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    Default Mostly yes

    Most of the better major chains now offer free Internet access in their rooms, in addition places such as Starbucks, etc, also offer free wi-fi at most, if not all, locations.

    In addition, if for some reason you cannot hook up your laptop, you could also try the town/city library wherever you happen to be, but at this point, connectivity is almost ubiquitous.

  3. Default wi-fi

    In my experience, Starbucks charges. Panera Bread is free- I've used them a bunch of times. I'm going to be using the Wi-Fi in hotels when possible. I also have a Blackberry- which gives me email and web access (which is a life saver).

    McD's has Wi-Fi too. I think it's with AT&T and you have to pay for it.

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    Like the other posts said, you can find free wi-fi all over. A lot of motels will give it to you for free (I've even used it from the parking lot - shhh! don't tell) but many of the more expensive hotels charge you extra for it. You can even get wi-fi at some RV parks. Also, lots of local coffee shops offer free wi-fi.

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    Default Safeway and Denny's

    A growing trend in the Phoenix Area is free wifi at Safeway grocery stores as well as Denny's Restaurants. The concept of Free WiFi is certainly starting to gain popularity with businesses. I know I love the concept of being able to sit down for breakfast, connect to Wifi, check email, maps, traffic, news, then get back on the road.


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