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    My wife and I will be in Seattle for a wedding and to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We are thinking of taking a week to drive down the coast and see the sights. I've been to San Francisco and Big Sur. My wife hasn't. Neither of us has seen the redwoods, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon.

    I am thinking of driving down the coast, seeing the redwoods, Big Sur, and flighting home from either San Francisco or Las Vegas or Phoenix.

    We have six days of driving time. Since I am handicapped, I have limited mobility. I can walk but not long or difficult terrain. Years ago when I got the opportunity to drive down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I was blown away by Big Sur. I think taking my wife in a convertible would be a blast. My concern is trying to do too much. Having said that, I also don't see us doing the typical nature hike.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. Another consideration is spending a few days in San Francisco and then just taking a day ride down to Big Sur and back. I do believe seeing the awesome beauty of Big Sur is something we must do.


    PS. I am a photography hobbyist that is fairly serious but I don't want to ore my dear wife too much with setting up shots.

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    My dad is completely dependent on a wheelchair to get around and we have done Big Sur, Redwoods, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and most of the other major National and State Parks in California. These places usually have at least one or two accessible trails (either paved or flat, well maintained compacted dirt).

    But if you're more interested in scenic drives, I've heard the coast of Oregon is stunning.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If you liked the Big Sur stretch of coast, I think I'd follow the coast all the way from Seattle to San Francisco and spend most of your time exploring that route. If you have enough time, you could also include a run out to Yosemite, but I think I would skip Bryce or Grand Canyon. While those places are great, you'd be looking at two long days of driving just to get from Seattle to southern Utah, plus at least a half day to drive from the Grand Canyon back to Las Vegas or Phoenix for the flight home. I think spending more time exploring the shorter distance would be more along the lines of what you would be looking for.

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    Default Yup - 101 from Seattle to San Francisco

    It fits the time you have nicely and the Oregon Coast is amazing. If you want, you could even take the ferry from Seattle to Winslow and loop around the Olympic Peninsula and down the Washington coast first. Also amazing. With six days you could easily make this run without having to rush.

    While he drove south-to-north, Peter's write up of his trip from Northern California's Redwoods to Seattle is full of good stuff. More ideas here and here.

    I agree that trying to get to Grand Canyon and other points farther east are going to put you into a time crunch.

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