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    Default Ready for the off. Kinda.

    The big day is here. In 17 and a half hours I will be sat in seat 15F on flight BA095 out of London Heathrow. Over the past four months a ludicruous amount of effort and planning has gone into this but, despite that, it's incomprehensible to my tiny little brain that later today I will be boarding a plane and leaving Europe for eight months. Utterly incomprehensible. It shouldn't be that way, of course, but I guess it's just my way of coping (or not, more to the point) with the huge change to my comfortable life.

    I've been putting it out of my mind as much as I can for the last couple of months to save me from freaking out about the whole deal. Well, now that the big day is here, let me tell you... I'm freaking out. Not since the day I started secondary school have I been so nervous. I hope very much that it turns out better than that did!

    My bags are packed (finally), I have checked in online for the flight and everything is set. All I need to do now is get my head round the whole deal and get on with it. I'll update you in a day or two. I'll either be in Canada - heading towards Nova Scotia - or, well... actually, scrub that, I think it's probably a little late for a change of heart!!

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    Default Trade places?

    I'm so excited for you! If you get bored or scared, just hand over your money and tickets and you can stay with my husband and do the housework, meals, errands, and take care of the dog. Neither will bite, I promise. And I'll take lots of pictures for ya! LOL

    Seriously...I can understand the nerves. This is a big, life-changing event. But it's gonna be so worth it. I have a feeling you're not ever gonna want to come home again. Not permanently anyway. Visit Lonely Planet's forums and you'll find a lot of folks who have been on the road for years.

    I look forward to seeing you at Flagg Ranch and hearing your stories thus far. Take care.

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    Default All the best

    Yeah, good luck from me too Craig. It's something lots talk about (me included) but few do.


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    Default Cheers guys

    Thanks for your well wishes, appreciated!

    I am pleased that Mark has enabled the forum to import the updates from my blog automatically so that I can keep in touch with you guys. I hope that the small formatting issues can be overcome soon but, if not, then hopefully you'll all see past them.

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    Default Most of the formatting errors...

    Craig, After the MySQL update -- we are not seeing the kinds of format errors as before. I still haven't updated the main forum -- Maybe tomorrow -- too many other operational challenges around here.


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    Default Updates

    Ah I saw that many of the problems had gone and presumed that you'd updated everything you could - good stuff then! Look forward to see what the new upgrade brings

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